Fant Schip: “Many foreigners in the Greek championship – There is no depth”

National teams week. John Fant Schip made statements in the press conference in view of the friendly match with Cyprus, but also the matches of the fifth and sixth matches of the Nations League. In detail, his statements: – The importance of the friendly with Cyprus: “It is a preparation for Nations League matches. We want to see the players play the way we want in the matches that follow. It is also important to get a good result, to play our game and to work on things that we want to improve. “- The absences that the National has due to coronavirus and injuries:” The same applies to everyone. The coronavirus is everywhere and affects groups badly. Now it has hit us too. But it is a good time for players to seize the opportunity and show that they deserve the position. We have a good roster and some returns, like Tsimikas’. He is a player who may not be ready to play in three games in a row, but he has the quality. We also have Lykogiannis and Kyriakopoulos in this position. And we have new faces, like Giakoumakis who is doing well in the Dutch championship. We will see him in training, maybe in the games. “- The first calls for Giakoumaki and Hatzigiovanni:” We watch all the players every week. Hatzigiovanis is in good shape. We want extremes and he can play there, as well as Masouras who was missing last time. There are also Limnios and Tzolis. We can see them in training and we will see what is the best combination. There is competition. We also have some players who were absent in the past, such as Siopis. If we have absences, we can turn to players we know, such as Siopis who plays at a high level in Turkey. Of course we wish the players who have coronavirus to recover. This is how football is and we hope those who were called to help us “. – Whether he will rehearse with Cyprus for the Nations League:” It will be important the friendly for Cyprus in view of the continuation. We will have many players who will play on Sunday as well, but we must also take into account the fatigue of the players. To have them fresh and healthy. We have the right for six changes “.- The problem in the goal, even if he would consider inviting new faces, such as Manousos:” We always watch the players that we think can help us. We believe that those we have now can do the job and we want to work on the details. We create many phases and we must utilize them. It is also important not to concede goals. We talk to the players, we analyze old games to improve some pieces and we are waiting to see the results soon “. – Which part of the game concerns him the most: and change the way we play. We took some steps, we played good football, but there is always room for improvement. One part is the effectiveness in the attack. We are happy with the behavior, the discipline and the atmosphere within the team. My concern is that we do not have much depth in the selection of players and this is something that has to do with the Greek championship. Greek teams play with many foreigners. It is something that concerns me, in the future we should help the National by putting more Greek players in the teams. Because we also choose footballers from there. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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