Fanis’s new venture – From small retail to smartphone recycling

Fanis has grown up! He is no longer the kid who one fine morning chose to set up a startup from completing his studies at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Thessaly and getting his degree in his hands. Fanis – Fanis Koutouvelis – is now a 30+ businessman, more mature and settled than ever. Its “kid”, the i-kiosk, a platform that supported digital solutions for small retail, ie the purchase of small shops, mini markets and kiosks, has taken its course for good. It is a complete business that has learned from its mistakes and failures and walks the path of profitability with more confidence. In fact, its latest funding from came to further consolidate this profitability. The company that started as a startup in 2010 – Fanis Koutouvelis together with two of his classmates, Konstantinos Kazanis and Orestis Tzanetis – is today Intale with about forty employees and many zeros in its size. Today, Fanis sent me a message to messenger. Among other things, I asked him about Intale and he replied: “Intale, fine everything! He has grown up, he has matured .. I have 40 people there and the child is growing up profitably. I wanted a new excitement. I say since I am single and I still have 18 hours a day, let me do nothing but work “. That’s how I learned his news. His news for a new business venture. The Green Panda. A company that rewards everyone who decides to recycle their smartphone – in fact the company attracted 1.5 million euros in its first round of financing. Before we move on to the technical details, let’s give the floor to Fanis Koutouvelis: “The idea started from mom’s drawer My, as in any home, there is a drawer with 5-6 cell phones, forgotten. Many of them have some value, they have to give extra life time or they can go for spare parts. But as consumers we did not have a fast, automatic and safe way to recycle our mobile phones (either old or new models) and be rewarded for That ‘s how Alex and I met, in a business brainstorming we said to start it. “Environmental sign Alex is Fanis’ partner in this project. In an informative note we read: “The Greek startup with environmental character and wireless device recognition technology, has received 3 international patents in America and Europe and has already managed to recycle thousands of smartphones by 2020. The process is automatic and takes less than 3 minutes: The smartphone is placed in the Green Panda ATM where the model and the condition of the mobile phone are automatically identified and its value is calculated. If the owner wishes to proceed with the recycling, he enters his IBAN and Green Panda rewards him with the value on the spot, otherwise selects the “exit” and takes his device back. The Green Panda Seed funding round started in June 2020 and was successfully completed in September. The investment was led by strategic angel investors, most of them C-lvl executives in the field of telecommunications from North America and Europe. Green Panda – a business creation of Fanis Koutouvelis (Intale) and Alex Vratskidis (Persado & Upstream) – has has entered into a partnership with AB Vassilopoulos and since March 2020, has recycled more than 4,000smartphones. At the moment, the first 20 Green Panda ATMs are in full operation inside selected AB Vassilopoulos stores in Attica, thus making recycling easier and more profitable than ever. Green Panda founder Fanis Koutouvelis said: “The funds will be invested, first phase, in the development of the company in the Greek market and our goal is to immediately place the first 40 Green Panda ATMs in the super markets both in Athens and in Thessaloniki ”. At the same time, he adds that this financial round will allow Green Panda to develop a second version of its technology, in order to present in the ATM market smaller dimensions. With this investment, the company intends to reduce the production costs of ATMs and gain additional flexibility in the development of a pan-European network. “Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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