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It is clearly impressive, and unprecedented, what is happening with Olympiakos this year: it is impossible to have happened again after six championship matches and five European ones to have never scored in the first half. But especially for the league matches, as it turns out, we are talking about a pseudo-problem, something that may concern sports writers, commentators and statisticians, but not coach Martins or the team itself. Yesterday’s match with OFI is a small proof. Absences Olympiakos started well in Heraklion, but had a period in the first half that was difficult against OFI, which has played well this year with the big players of the league and has learned to live with the shortcomings and his absences. OFI had a goal with Giannou and the VAR needed to correct a mistake of the referee Papadopoulos and his supervisor who gave OFI a penalty without seeing that two players of the home team were in an offside position. But Olympiakos also had opportunities, among which is a header by Bruma who in the 44th minute marked the crossbar in an empty goal. The halftime ended with 0-0 and if Martins was touched by all this talk about the difficulty of Olympiacos to score in the first half, the second half should start with at least two changes. But the Portuguese sent them to the field in the second half as well. Because he saw that this time, too, the goal is a matter of time. Arabi, scored for the second consecutive game. Everything was done simply and methodically without panic and haste: because Olympiacos knows that in the matches that are better, no matter how psychedelic and careful his opponent is, at some point he will bend from the pressure exerted on him. Bench Olympiacos is on the bench. In almost every league game whoever comes off the bench makes a difference – mainly because he is a good player. Yesterday was the turn of Costas Fortounis. He came in, stole a ball, gave his goal 0-2 to the stubborn Masoura and finished the match at 80 ′. He even had fun and appetite and could have scored a goal himself, as well as his teammates in the attack after 0-2. The change from Martins to halftime in the match with Apollon did a job. If the saint wants bullying, Fortounis wants a little bench. To remember that it is not enough for everyone to say that he is the best Greek footballer, but he must also show it at every opportunity. delay their defeat. And the five changes have proven to be terrible in the case of the Olympic weapon. Fortounis and Masouras came from the bench with Asteras. Hassan and Valbouena entered the replay with Panetolikos. Fortounis changed the match with PAS again. With Atromitos and Omonia, it was El Arabi’s turn to come in and make a difference. With Marseille, Hassan was again the golden change and yesterday Fortounis beautified the victory of the champion in the end. Before we start talking about the coach’s magic wands and inspirations, let’s re-read the names of the players who enter the field and determine the course of the games. They are not substitutes, but first line players. Lazaros The old line player remains Lazaros Christodoulopoulos who on Saturday gave the victory to Atromitos in the match with PAO in OAKA. The huge Lazarus, when he ever stops, will hold a great record: he has scored with the jersey of all the teams he played for. And as his refusal to celebrate the goal he scored at Panathinaikos showed, he respected all these shirts. Apollon Laszlo Boloni suffered his first defeat in a match that was not the worst that Panathinaikos gave during his days. Boloni had celebrated the victory with Apollo last Tuesday and had described it as “important and great”. The Romanian understands that the Panathinaikos that he received must celebrate every result, because none is a given. The PAO team finds it difficult to play pre-season football because this has never been a priority. From the beginning, PAO thinks that by winning they can hide all the problems under the rug. If the people’s grievances and the “showers” of the organized in the offices and in the training center are problems, they are right: these victories stop them. But victories do not solve competitive problems: PAO find it difficult to score goals and concede goals very often at the end of their games. It happened with AEL, Volos and on Saturday with Atromitos. And it is not accidental. The Greens do not know how to manage the ball at the end of the match: half the players play not to concede a goal and the other half to score. The team does not have a single mind, it does not know exactly what to do. And she does not have a player to take her by the hand. As Lazaros did on Saturday with Atromitos… Solution In the meantime, three matches were postponed again due to Covid-19. Asteras – Volos was postponed from Wednesday. Aris – AEK was postponed on Friday. And AEL – Lamia yesterday, precautionarily, because cases appeared in Larissa. I repeat what I have been saying for a long time now: if teams want to stop postponing their matches (or become more difficult) they must adopt the UEFA protocol which says that with 13 ready-made players you play normally as long as one of them is a goalkeeper. It’s not easy and some may pay for absences, but it is better than postponing matches that no one knows when they will happen. If the teams want to play they have a solution. Although for some that they want to play I am not at all sure… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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