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Donald Trump wants (he wanted, to be precise…) to make America “great again”. Of course, if he is not re-elected for the first time. Vladimir Putin (who has planned not to face re-election problems) dreams of being something between the Russian Empire and post-war Sovietism. The two have at least “big shops”. They can promise whatever they want without laughing. But the ISIS fighters also decided to re-establish the “Caliphate” in the footsteps of Harun al-Rashid. The evolution is well known. While the President of Turkey, of dubious imperial lineage. he himself remembered Matzikert, Somalia, the Caucasus and the “Blue Homeland”. The whole papacy of the once powerful Ottoman Empire serves an increasingly obvious ambition to re-establish it. At the same time, the bakeries of Constantinople have no bread. The contradiction refers to neo-Ottomanism in the vulgar (but accurate) popular opinion “we did not have bread, cheese, we were looking for a big dick”. In the competent science the phenomenon is called “paranoid madness”. It has characteristic symptoms of “hallucinations of greatness” and “hallucinations of persecution”. In our own words, we would be talking about fallen greatness. Because the fall is the main mechanism for the production of a bigoted fencing. , various idiots may talk about “maximalism” and “nationalism”, but only something oblique is told to take the City, Susa or Ekvatana, let alone the “Red Apple” – about which I have to admit that I do not know where is he. Let’s go to the other end. The only person outside the close Erdogan system who believes that Greece is provoking (!) Turkey and sabotaging the dialogue is… Greek (S. Walden, “What are we seeking with Turkey”, “EfSyn” , 19/10) .What is Afro Hellas doing? He lies unacceptably, multiplies military exercises and gymnasiums, speaks out, and also “advertised the decisions of the European Council in an insulting way to Turkey”. Tuesday, October 13. My mind went to the 80’s. The then USSR had installed a new SS-20 missile system in Eastern Europe that could hit Western. NATO decided to respond by deploying its own Persing and Cruz missiles. But the “pacifists” rose up against Western missiles. François Mitterrand also mocked their hypocrisy by pointing out that .So here too. Erdogan impersonates the empire. It fights from Nagorno-Karabakh to Somalia and from Syria to Libya. He is waging his wars in the Aegean. But ours is asking Greece “to end the practice of leading the media in a nationalist direction.” Nonsense also has its limits. But let’s go to the essence of the case. Question of judgment. How reasonable is it for someone to ask Greece to make advance concessions in the name of dialogue, when the other side has not given the slightest sign that it is interested in dialogue? It is not logical. To be precise, it is completely absurd. Do you know why? Because you ask on the one hand to move with logic and realism, when the other side has campaigned in Matzikert. And this is all the juice of the case, which I will not tire of repeating. Turkey asks Greece something that no Greek government can not give. The acceptance of a dominant regional role. It is a logic of subordination and a policy of “Finnishization”. Which was expressed openly when Greece entered into a partial demarcation agreement with Egypt and Turkey expressed annoyance, irritation and disapproval. It is as if two independent countries were obliged to ask her! The truth is that she is asking for this role not out of whim but because she is trapped in an illusion of greatness. Which became almost second nature, regardless of the actual size and data. In other words, what is required for Ankara is not the influence of Kastellorizo ​​or the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, nor even the exploitation of hydrocarbons and the “search and rescue plans”. “Co-exploitation” is the wrong answer to a question that has not even been asked. What is required is the confirmation of a bigotry, which is expressed not just imaginatively but aggressively and against the rest of the world. In fact, whose attitude is not incorporated, not even taken into account in the perception of the things that the Turkish regime is shaping. that the Erdogan regime has invested so much in its cultivation that it is unlikely to back down without collapsing or even injuring itself irreparably. Besides, he knows this with absolute certainty. And that’s why he does not even attempt subtle adjustments or concessions of minor importance. He is afraid that if a point is left the whole sweater will be taken off. Follow it on Google News and find out all the news first See all the latest News from Greece and the World

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