Fad Ship: Those who do not agree with the mentality I am trying to pass will not be selected in the National

The Dutch coach stressed that those who do not agree with the views and the mentality that he is trying to pass to the “blue and white” will not be selected, while he stressed that he wants to move on to many The team also mentioned football and his dreams in general, but also Johan Cruyff, who was his idol, and Marco van Basten. In detail, the Dutchman’s statements to UEFA: About football and his dreams “When you are a small child, you have the dream of becoming a professional footballer. You also have the dream of becoming an international footballer with your country. Many players seem to forget this and take it for granted. The important thing is to want to play for the flag of your country and that is important for the way we choose the players for the national team. “For Johan Cruyff, who was his idol:” Cruyff was my idol . When he became a coach, the way he approached the game, the way he gave us confidence so that we could beat any opponent, with attacking football, was left to all of our generation. “For his collaboration with Marco Van Basten for the Dutch national team: “The 1988 European Championship remains the biggest victory in the history of Dutch football. With Van Basten returning to the team, after his injury, which kept him out for six to seven months, he scored an impressive goal in the final of the tournament. Marco was an absolute winner. Unfortunately, we could not continue after the 2008 European Championship, but it was a great period. For four years with the national team, I worked with Marco “. About the changes he wants to make in the National Team of Greece:” The results of the last four to five years are disappointing. It was a challenge for us, to see what we can do. The Greeks are competitive, they want to fight, they know how to defend and they are also very good footballers. The latter we want to highlight more. To show that they are good footballers, without losing the identity of the Greek style of play. What is in their blood and DNA is to be tough. We have a lot of improvements to make, but the boys adapt very quickly and give everything. This is the most important thing. We also tell the players that the national team is a very good choice and a chance to get better, to grow as a team, and those who do not accept that we just do not choose them. the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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