Facebook, Twitter, Google: In “interrogation” by senators in view of elections

The heads of the three largest social networking companies – Google, Facebook and Twitter – were summoned to explain to Congress about their policies on controlling inappropriate content, as part of the debate on the removal of legislation that exempts companies from responsibility for what they post Google’s Sudar Pizza and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey defended the so-called Article 230, which separates tech companies from conventional media publishers and legally absolves them of liability for misleading or other inappropriate content. who delayed connecting to the teleconference due to a technical problem and caused it to be interrupted for a few minutes, agreed with the senators that Article 230 needs to be revised. Any revision is expected to give social networking services some of the responsibilities their content.Against Trump – Trump threatened to remove the controversial article when Twitter censored a post about the uprisings following the death of African-American George Floyd, in which the US president wrote that “when the looting begins, the pistol will start.” and some Conservative politicians accuse social media of being biased in favor of Democrats, while Democrats denounce misinformation campaigns by far-right groups that support Trump. Conservative senators target Twitter founder and CEO who was asked, among other things, why Twitter warned users of a misleading post when the US president questioned the security of the letter ballot, while instead did not censor Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei’s threats of use of force against Israel. Tehran were considered on Demonstrations of power and intimidation, which is not prohibited by the company’s current policies. But the questions continued in a more aggressive tone by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who “interrogated” Dorsey for Twitter’s move to restrict posts about “The New York Post is not a random user tweeting,” said the Conservative senator. “Who elected you and who made you responsible for what the media is allowed to say and what the American people are allowed to hear?” Dorsey, for his part, argued that Article 230 “is the most important piece of legislation to protect freedom of speech on the Internet “and that its abolition will” remove views from the Internet “. On the same wavelength came the responses of Sudar Pitsai, CEO of Google:” Our ability to provide access to a wide information is only possible because of existing legislation such as Article 230, “he said.” The United States adopted Article 230 early in the history of the Internet. It is fundamental to our leadership [την ηγεσία των ΗΠΑ] “Zuckerberg distances himself from Mark Zuckerberg, who has been in the spotlight since it was revealed that Russia used Facebook in a campaign to misinform Trump in the 2016 election. Zuckerberg acknowledged that 230 freedom of expression “and helped create the Internet as we know it”. But he argued that “the Internet has evolved since then. And I think Congress needs to update the legislation to work for the purpose for which it was created. For their part, some Democratic senators have complained that the decision to summon high-tech bosses came deliberately a few days before “I’m been calling for a revision of Article 230 for 15 years,” said Republican Richard Blumenthal, referring to his tenure as attorney general. “But I’m honestly shocked. “My Republican colleagues convened this hearing just days before the election, apparently wanting to intimidate the platforms and bring them closer to President Trump’s behavior,” he said. “Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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