Ezeldin Bahader: The oldest football player in the world

“Nothing is easy, but nothing is impossible,” said Egyptian Ezeldin Bahader, describing his entry into the Guinness World Records after becoming the oldest player to play in an official match when he played in Egypt’s 3rd division on March 6. Grandpa six times, Bahader, who turned 75 last Tuesday, played with the “October 6” team against El Ayat last month to make a dream come true that began last March when he played his first official game. with his club and scored a goal, setting a new record. “I always longed to play for a great club, but it remained just a dream. So I started pursuing another goal when I found out that the oldest player to play professionally was a 53-year-old striker (s.s. the famous Japanese, Kazuoshi Miura). Seeing the huge age gap between me and him, I decided to try it. “At first I did not tell anyone about my goal and I was trying to motivate myself, but when my family found out, they encouraged me a lot,” Bahader told FIFA. “The coronavirus pandemic had negative impact on me, especially because the championship was suspended just two days before the second game I was going to play. This was a shock to me, but during this break, I trained with my son and watched a lot of workouts online so I could do them at home. This period affected my preparation because training with a “Team is very different from home training,” he added. “My teammates welcomed me warmly. We talked and laughed a lot, but then they told me that they were waiting for an old man who would treat them like children! I was immediately asked to take some shots. I did it and it was good, so they were happy in the end “, he added. Bahader’s first match was in March against Ginius, at the age of 74 years and 125 days (!), Where he even scored:” I was so nervous and that What made it more difficult was the swelling of my muscles in my knee and waist, but my teammates encouraged me a lot. As soon as the match started, I was carried away by the atmosphere and the irritation disappeared. I was hoping to score a goal, but it was not so easy. We played against a tough team that was fighting to avoid relegation from the category. “We were given a penalty in the final minutes and I did it successfully,” he said. “On October 17, Bahader played the whole game against El Ayat, becoming the oldest player to complete two games.” It was not easy, because I had an infection. in the ear two weeks before the game. I lost some of my balance and my movement was affected, so I could not complete a workout and I was afraid I would lose the game. During the match, I also felt dizzy. In addition, the two teams wore similar jerseys that made things more difficult. However, all my teammates and the coach insisted that I play the whole match. I managed to score the second goal of my team “, he stressed and added:” Of course, what I did will motivate the players, especially as many leave the active action at a relatively young age. I would like to suggest the idea of ​​organizing a tournament for players over 40 years old. It would give many players the opportunity to maintain their physical condition and show their skills. It will prove that age is just a number. ”The oldest player to ever play in a World Cup is Egyptian goalkeeper Essam El Khandari. So Bachner was asked by the FIFA website if he dreams of playing for the national team. “I will continue to train hard and improve my skills and if an opportunity arises, I will definitely take advantage of it. I believe that I have achieved something that anyone can do with will and determination. “Maintaining a good level and physical condition, especially at this age, is difficult. I will try to continue playing and training because I really like playing football and no one knows what will happen in the future”, replied the “old man” Egypt. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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