Exclusive MEGA: The emergency aid plan for vulnerable households

The plan for the emergency aid prepared by the Ministry of Finance to support vulnerable households presents exclusively the “MEGA Weekend”. According to the presenter and financial editor of the newspaper “To Vima”, Dino Siomopoulos, the total aid for vulnerable households will The beneficiaries will be the citizens from the most vulnerable households, who are not included in the support measures for the coronavirus. Specifically, about 300,000 are expected to receive this aid, while the possibility is open for the beneficiaries to reach them. 350,000. The amount of the allowance is expected to be up to 1000 euros. The criteria According to the report of Dinos Siomopoulos, even within the day the criteria for granting the allowance can be “locked”. to be: For a single up to 2,400 eurosFor a married couple without children up to 3,600 eurosFor a married couple cat with a child up to 4,200 eurosFor a married couple with two children up to 4,800 eurosFor a married couple with three children up to 5,400 eurosFor a married couple with 4 children up to 6,000According to information, there will be property criteria for granting the aid. Commenting on the plan for the emergency aid to our vulnerable fellow citizens, the tax expert Michalis Antonopoulos stressed the need to increase the number of people who will receive the allowance. For his part, lawyer Costas Tsoukalas stressed the need not to count the benefits. or the items of vulnerable groups. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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