European Investment Bank: A bright future for Greece despite the pandemic

The head of the European Investment Bank’s Corporate Finance Unit, Dieter Straub, expressed the belief that “despite the pandemic, the future is bright for Greece”, speaking at the Thessaloniki Summit 2020, organized by the Hellenic Industries Association, in cooperation with the Economic Delphi Forum: “We have already supported significant investments in Greece in the past” he said, adding that there are “many hidden champions in Greece” and noted that there can be very good connections and cooperation between Greece and Germany, the country of origin. “We want to see and support more people to come to Greece where they can play an important role,” he said, referring to Greece’s presence in the fields of energy, renewable energy, storage of renewable energy, but also policies , as he said, are promoted by the Greek government. Investments will increase The representative of the European Investment Bank characterized the effective use, by Greece, of the funds received, while he predicted that “there will be more investments that will come in this region.” “We look forward to more investments coming to Greece and On the same wavelength, the Undersecretary for Economic Diplomacy and Extroversion, Costas Frangogiannis, stressed that despite the problems created by the global crisis of Covid – 19, “Combining institutional stability and significant opportunities.” Referring to northern Greece, he stressed that “more and more foreign investors recognize that it presents great investment opportunities in a number of dynamic sectors.” Indicatively, it mentioned technology, energy and transport and stressed that area is finally using its potential.Flagiant investmentNext January Volkswagen investment plan begins in Astypalea On the occasion of the announcements regarding Volkswagen’s investment in Astypalea and the plan for the development of electric propulsion announced that “the plan will start immediately, next January Its implementation horizon is 2026. “I think it is emerging as an emblematic investment, which will attract further investment in the region. We are considering a number of relevant investments in the automotive industry “said Mr. Frangogiannis. Speaking at the Thessaloniki Summit, the Vice President and General Manager of Greece, Eldorado Gold, Christos Balaskas, noted:” we are fully committed to resume construction work on “where there is a world-class gold and copper deposit.” In this context, he said, discussions are underway with the government to amend the existing agreement and improve the investment plan. The result will be, as he noted, benefits for the state and the local community, with respect for the environment. “We started in September 2019 a constructive dialogue with the government to implement a long-term investment of $ 2.2 billion,” he said. in the Kassandra mines, in addition to the 1.2 billion that have already been invested in the Kassandra mines, “he said. He also announced that out of the 2.2 billion, one will be invested in the next four years, three thousand direct jobs will be created, while the completion of the relevant talks is expected by the end of the year. For his part, the president and Nikos Efthymiadis, CEO of the 4th generation technology park Thess INTEC, stated that there is a great investment interest for the technology park from more than 100 companies while foreign investors started visiting Thessaloniki for relevant contacts. “Collaborations are in progress with the universities as well, therefore the prospects are very great,” he added. eastern Thessaloniki after the airport, where Thess INTEC will be developed. In this context, there will be relevant investment moves. Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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