ESA: A rare impressive triple crater was photographed on Mars by the Mars Express

Mars has many craters on its surface, remnants of old asteroid and comet falls. The European Space Agency (ESA) Mars Express, which has been orbiting the neighboring planet for years, has discovered an impressive unusual triple crater. These are actually three overlapping craters. The triple crater, located in a very ancient site (Noachis Terra) in the southern hemisphere of Mars, is estimated to have formed about four billion years ago, when the “red” planet bombed by huge numbers of asteroids and comets. Some traces of that distant violent past are still preserved on the surface of the planet. 28 km. A possible explanation for the formation of the triple crater is that a celestial body, as it fell on Mars, split into three pieces before reaching the ground. Another explanation is pure coincidence: at different times three different bodies (probably asteroids) struck Mars at about the same point. If the first explanation is true and the incident body was cut in three due to friction in the Martian atmosphere, this means that the the latter was much denser and more difficult to penetrate into the distant past. This reinforces the view of many scientists that Mars once had a much warmer and more humid climate, with plenty of water flowing on its surface. Greece and the World, at

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