“Erupted” in the third and defeated Alba and his evil self (75-71)

Two-faced, but in the end ικη winner! Olympiakos may have found it dark against Alba Berlin and even found itself at -15 (20-35), but in the third ten minutes it “broke out” and with a partial score of 27-9 made the complete reversal. The Red and Whites made 10 mistakes and were very misplaced in the first half, which ended with the score at 35-24 in favor of the Germans, but in the second half they improved, tightened their defense and starring McKissick and Jean Charles prevailed 75-71 and reached their 5th victory in This year Euroleague. The American guard showed tremendous energy in the second half and trumpeted the θεση counterattack of Olympiacos. The explosive ace completed the game with 14 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 errors, having 3/6 two points, 2/4 three points and 2/2 shots. A worthy supporter of McKissick was Jean Charles, who played as a 5-man and dominated the two rackets, making George Bartzokas white-faced. The Frenchman finished the game with 13 points and 5 rebounds. Sasha Vezenkov (11 points), Costas Papanikolaou (8 points) and Costas Sloukas (9 points, 3 assists), with the Red and Whites, also played an important role in Olympiakos’ counterattack. to complete the match with 21 assists and 17 errors. Gifai stood out from Alba with 13 points. Targeted and with many mistakes, Olympiakos entered the game sluggishly, a fact that Alba took full advantage of. The Red and Whites made many mistakes in the attack and the shots they tried were inaccurate. On the other hand, the German team after the first two minutes found a rhythm and in the 4 ‘led 7-0. Piraeus took almost five minutes to score their first basket. 4:35 ‘for the end, Papanikolaou scored a three-pointer and reduced it to 3-7. The basket of “Pap” was not able to give the impetus that Olympiacos was looking for, with Alba Berlin raising the difference to 10 (5-15), while it closed the first ten minutes at +12 (10-22). The same picture continued in the second period, with George Bartzokas in despair. Ellis initially reduced to 12-22, but again the Red and Whites could not find a rhythm in the attack. The Germans with four points from Fontecchio and four from Granger and Lammers increased the difference to 14 (30-16). Piraeus in 10 minutes of play had 10 errors, as a result of which they are back in the score throughout the first half. Alba in the 18th minute was even ahead with 15 points (35-20), before Olympiakos scored two baskets with Printezis and Vezenkov and reduced to 24-35, which was the score of the first part. From -11 to + 7! At the beginning of the third period, Piraeus ran a series of 6-2 with baskets of Slouka, McKissick and Jean Charles and reduced to 7 (30-37), forcing Reneses to call a timeout. The players of Giorgos Bartzokas found rhythm through the good defenses and with four points from Jean Charles and one shot from Sloukas they dropped the difference even more, reducing to 35-37. The catalyst for the return of Olympiacos was McKissick. The American guard with his energy and passes gave the Piraeus the impetus they needed to return to the game. A little later, in fact, with a three-pointer from the corner, he brought the match to the point (37-38). Lo 2:24 ‘before the end of the season, raised the difference again to 4 (40-44), however, Papanikolaou in the next attack responded with the same coin, reducing again to the point (43-44). It was a matter of time for Olympiacos to get ahead of the score for the first time. And he did it 1:32 ‘before the end of the quarter with Jean Charles (45-44). Then, in fact, Spanoulis took action and with two consecutive three-pointers increased the difference to 7 (51-44). From -11 of the half, to +7 at the end of the third quarter. 27-9 the individual score in the third period in favor of Piraeus. In the first minutes of the fourth quarter, however, the image of the match changed drastically, with Alba initially reducing to 51-48 with baskets by Gifai and Fontecio and then to 53-52 with four points from Lamers and Granger. In the meantime, Costas Papanikolaou had scored two shots. Bartzokas immediately called a timeout and… woke up his players with his voices. Jean Charles with a goal-foul made it 56-52 and a little later Sloukas with a new goal-foul made it 59-52. McKissick with an impressive nailing increased the difference to 9 (61-52) and Sloukas sent Olympiakos for the first time to +11 (63-52). The water had entered the ditch, with Sasha Vezenkov 4:40 ‘before the end to score his first three points in the game and make it 66-54. Ten minutes: 10-22, 24-35, 51-44, 75 -71Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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