Erdogan is threshing in the eastern Mediterranean, but NATO and Germany are combing their hair!

Ο γεν. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, as early as 03/09/2020, in a solemn post on his personal tweet, carefully threw ashes in the eyes of the pan-European public, claiming that “talks on a technical level to 16 days have passed since then and this statement of Stoltenberg remains without the slightest practical reflection since: Mount Reyes threshes undisturbed on the Greek continental shelf (south of Rhodes and Karpathos and within walking distance). But also the ships of our navy in the imposed position of stopping the invasion against the Greek territory. The Turkish Foreign Minister with his traditional shamelessness and diplomatic rudeness calls the Greek continental shelf “Turkish” where he threshes Mount Reyes and claims that the for Turkish invasion of our maritime space, betray “maximalist moods of our country in the eastern Mediterranean”. And worst of all: Erdogan invokes international law for his frauds, falsifying his provisions, which he brutally violates, regularly violating this international legal order. At the same time, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt φράafrasu for Stoltenberg’s initiatives, for (God forbid) “de-escalation of tension in the eastern Mediterranean”. He is interpreted: “Thank you gen. “NATO Secretary General” who puts the Greeks and the EU to sleep, for the unpunished Turkish maximalist actions against the Greek territory “. Indirectly in favor of avoiding sanctions against Turkey for the aggressive dispositions against Greece and Cyprus, unfortunately he is also German Foreign Minister Haiko Maas, equating the Turkish attackers with the Greeks and Cypriots defending against Turkish expansion, with the “admonition”: “Greece and Turkey to proceed with calming moves!”. Here now, the German Foreign Minister considers the Greek defenders as equally responsible for appeasing the Turkish rioters and invaders! And yet, in earlier statements, he blamed sole responsibility for the tension in the eastern Mediterranean on Erdogan and his satellite duo, Davousoglu and Akar, (respectively Turkish Foreign and Defense Ministers, as well as Prime Minister Kyllis). and Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and Foreign Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos, explicitly, in each of their statements, make it clear that Greece will enter into a dialogue with Ankara, only if the Turkish leadership permanently and irrevocably ceases its illegal offensive actions. And a little respect to It is clear that both Germany and NATO, using Pontius Pilate’s tactics, equate the perpetrators with the victims, only to protect Turkey’s parliamentary dictatorship from its political and economic decline, by constantly granting immunity. to the daily criminal diversions of our eastern pirate neighbors. The only deterrent to this anti-Greek German-NATO behavior is the clear position of Emmanuel Macron, who seems to be the only EU leader who, on behalf of the Franco-German Axis of Cooperation, is proposing that the German Chancellor be nominated at the conference. next December, the complete eradication of Erdogan’s tyranny with heavy sanctions for its dissolving actions against the cohesion of the eastern Mediterranean states. The knot has reached the scallop, with these silly and fiercely provocative, traditions of the European Union, immunities, both from NATO and from Berlin, to the six-time and serial abuser of the EU and the minefield of its member states, namely Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The further tolerance of anyone EU member states, towards this dissolving behavior of Erdogan would be tantamount to contempt and discrediting the vision of the pioneering founders of the European Union. Union. So let the Pontius Pilate unforgivable pro-Turkish backsliding end so that the bones of the late founding personalities of the EU do not creak: Robert Schuman, Paul Henri Spaak, Altiero Spinelli, Simone Veil, Conte Villan, Conrad Anel, Conrad Goner Hirsman et al. In other words: to punish and isolate, for example, those who are working to dismantle the EU and to turn to their own serious and mostly incurable problems. And finally, let them stop creating imaginary enemies for their survival! on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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