Epirus: A fungus reaps age-old plane trees and changes the image of the environment

On the old national road Ioannina-Arta, the area after Terovo is called Platanakia. The reason is obvious: the age-old plane trees on the banks of the Louros. Until a few months ago they stood upright and gave the traveler breaths of coolness and images of infinite natural beauty. no one cause grief. A vast “graveyard” of plane trees. The disease “metachromatic ulcer”, caused by the deadly fungus Ceratocystis platani, reaps the plane trees. He strips them naked first and then rots them. The plane trees in Louros are a thing of the past, as are the other rivers of Epirus, such as Kalamas, where the image of the environment has changed radically. The ecosystem of the plane trees was lost. The people in charge, with little potential and whatever means they have, are engaged in a “road race” to save the trees from this catastrophic disease. The forester of Preveza, Vassilis Kormetzas, explained to APE – BPE that Plantain disease appeared about 15 years ago in the Western Peloponnese and to this day, as everything shows, no one can tame it. It is transmitted by tools or machines that, as they move from work to area, carry the fungus. He noted that it can withstand steel for more than 15 years. “It takes chlorinated water or alcohol or cauterization of tools and machines before they can be used,” says Mr. Kormetzas, which is unfortunately not observed. system. This is the beginning of the catastrophe in all the riparian areas where there are ecosystems of plane trees. by the lake and under the castle. Dionysiou Filosofou street. Rigas Tsiakiris, phytosanitary inspector of the Ioannina Forest Service, states that trees have already been removed from the lakeside route. In fact, the Forest Service proposes their replacement with others that thrive in humid environments. In the area of ​​Ioannina there are many outbreaks of the disease. Experts estimate that a large percentage of the fungus was transmitted by Greek machines that worked in Albania and became infected, as the disease there reaped all the plane trees. interventions have been made on individual trees or small clusters in villages with great efficiency, something that is not possible on the riparian banks, where work is often done. that this deadly fungus is the most serious environmental threat to the country’s forest ecosystems. The plane trees are threatened with immediate extinction. The destruction of the plane trees will cause huge other damages, because they retain the carried materials and prevent floods that will destroy crops and infrastructure. ”(Source: ΑΠΕ – ΜΠΕ) Follow it on Google News and be the first to see all the newsSee all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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