Embila: “We know the quality of Fortounis, it is important for Olympiakos”

Jan Embila in his statements after the end of the derby between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos made special reference to Costas Fortounis and the quality he has, while emphasizing how important the captain of Piraeus is for the team. Still, the 30-year-old defensive midfielder spoke about his presence in the derby but also in the absence of the people. His statements to Nova in detail about: His image: “This is what I always try to do. I have the trust of my coach and the people. I am very happy and my goal is to honor the jersey of Olympiacos. I want to return the love they give me. “The passes and his offer:” I did not expect it so much. We made a great start. I did not expect so much work. After the goal it was like we stopped playing. Both God and Sa helped us with his interventions. “Fortounis:” Of course he helped us. He is the one who scored the goal. We all want to see him play like that. We know how important and popular he is in the world. We want to see him like this and at the end of the year to celebrate the title. “The difficulties:” We are in a team that has many and quality players. Rafinias’ experience was seen playing on the left. Fortounis who did not play in his usual position. And many from the bench who helped. It is important that those of us who play give it our all. “His first derby and how he felt:” I felt good. All derbies are important. We all felt that but unfortunately we were playing without our world. Everyone has talked to me about this derby, like Abraham and Bouchalakis. I have understood the interest of the people. I hope the time comes to live it with people. That alone helped me get into a derby. “What people say to him:” There are no people on the street. We have quarantine. This week I felt that we were going for a derby and the strong presence of the people. “The same:” I always try to give my best. The coach and my teammates give me confidence. I always try to be present and I want to prove my quality. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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