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Since last March we have all been talking about being able to withstand the first wave of the pandemic so that we can better prepare for the second and stronger. Since then, the prospect of finding a vaccine soon seemed far away. We endured with the general lockdown in the first phase and that is why everyone turned their backs. Individual responsibility met with state responsibility and passed the first wave as painlessly as possible. Decisions followed to limit the losses, mainly in the economic field, because the shock was great. But from the first period, many – and obviously more expert than all-knowing journalists – had noted that the country must be fortified for its next phase. pandemic. No one can say that he did not know or was not aware of what would follow. Basic knowledge of crisis management leads to taking specific measures and of course to drawing up an operational plan suitable for dealing with emergencies. Another is the Minister of Health, another is the Minister of Transport and Communications, etc. And of course, these emergencies were expected and therefore the competent ministries had to have prepared their plans in time in order to proceed immediately to the necessary interventions. did not happen and we see them running behind the developments, a sign of lack of strategy and proper evaluation of the data. Any formal crisis management manual opened in the relevant ministries would find that various moves should have been made much earlier. Crisis management is not nuclear physics and does not make it distant, especially to politicians who are called upon to deal with emergencies. Besides, there was the precursor phase of the crisis and the warnings for the future. There is no need for special discussion and analysis in order to have more ICUs in time or to strengthen the bus fleet in time, when this is done abroad and therefore there are good practices to copy. A lot can be said, but this is already done by the parties in in the context of the opposition they make and others are proposed by the competent bodies. The issue is to make even now the necessary interventions with a strategic plan by the competent ministers and not with the logic of “seeing and doing”. There are no excuses in the field of crisis management especially in such unprecedented circumstances and this is clearly understood. Kyriakos Mitsotakis. And to remember and paraphrase a phrase from a movie: “Elementary Mr. Prime Minister”. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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