Elche took the score (1-1)

Levante and Elche drew 1-1 in the 10th game of La Liga. The result does not satisfy the hosts, as they remained in the relegation zone while, for its part, Elche, is a “breath” from the places leading to Europe.FINAL #LevanteElche 1-1😉💪💚 ¡EmpaTETE del @elchecf ! # ResultadosLS # LaLigaSantander #HayQueVivirla pic.twitter.com/a45mXRYExl— LaLiga (@LaLiga) November 21, 2020Levante entered the match more vigorously and imposed her rhythm from the beginning. Elche, on the other hand, held a passive role and waited more for the counterattack than for the occupation. However, the ball went all over the field, with both teams pushing each phase. Ultimately, the hosts are the ones who will find the net first. Gonzalo Melero jumped higher than everyone else, in the corner executed by Jose Campania and put Levante in front of the score, in the 12th minute. This is the 2nd goal of the 26-year-old midfielder this season. 🐸 ¡GOLzalo MELERO! Le # LevanteElche pic.twitter.com/VWnxIpnBUI— LaLiga (@LaLiga) November 21, 2020 Elche tried to take action on the pitch, but Levante did not stop the pressure for a second goal. They may have both tried, but the first half ended 1-0. In the second half, the visitors came in more energetically and decisively to equalize. After several minutes of pressure, the coveted goal came, in the 64th minute. Specifically, Morede will take advantage of the poor exit in the foul of Elche and will make the 1-1 with his head. elchecf) November 21, 2020As it was logical, both teams tried to open more and find the goal that would put them ahead of the score. In fact, Levante showed that they woke up from the draw and were desperately chasing a goal. Elche, for its part, continued to threaten mainly from set phases, as it was its strong point. In the end, there was no other goal and both teams were left at 1-1. The score leaves Levante with the… complaint as it remained in the relegation zone and has only one victory in 10 games. On the other hand, Elche took an important point and continues to be a “breath” from the places of Europe. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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