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In the episode of a daily serial, an actress was heard saying (she was divorced and talking to another recently divorced man): “I am interested in nothing more than taking care of myself and my children.” And the mature divorced man he realizes that he has to do with such a sensitive woman that he has every reason to want to be included in the circle that the young woman deleted with her decision regarding her exclusive interests. One may wonder: “But is it possible that a conversation that was heard in the episode of a serial is so important that it is a motivation for a wider commentary, at a time when spontaneously big and critical issues are not only abundant, but have also become extremely urgent?” ». It is a great mistake to assume that it is not worth commenting on anything that, although pointed out, could have gone unnoticed, especially when analyzed it reflects a mentality that has cost humanity countless misfortunes. interested in something more than herself and her children, when they exist. But one can not help but think that this is one – how else to describe it? – “position” that while seemingly solving a problem actually multiplies it. When people change their personal problems to the number one issue, they will choose to solve, in the short or long term, ways that will be to the detriment of others, as well as the feeling of solidarity – possibly the most decisive factor in the existence of a social cohesion – it does not just stop, it disappears completely. When the worry and anxiety exist only for the people around him, one mortally injures relationships that would provide him with an incalculable mental and physical uplift. the area of ​​your interests the more vulnerable you become – not to mention that you cause them – to the inconveniences you try to avoid with this kind of completely selfish personal organization. As much as one can not share one’s problems with others or solve them with them, even the awareness that these problems have no face character but it is fed by a tank in which we all swim, would make you, if nothing else, ashamed to say that you are only interested in yourself and your children. The curious thing is that people still remain unrepentant and while they imagine that they have found ways to deal with their impasses they actually make them more suffocating. The resort as a panacea to the self-evident interest in ourselves and ours changes, if one considers from a distance the historical conditions, to the most incomprehensible and irrational choice that could exist. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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