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About nine months ago, at the end of February, the Greek government signed a memorandum of cooperation with FIFA and UEFA. UEFA President Ceferin and FIFA Vice President Clark had come to Athens at the time. Everything was done at the Maximos Palace and not at the offices of the Greek federation – there was a symbolism in the choice of even the space. The government wanted to show that she is now the main interlocutor of the international confederations. Change After February, the world as we know it changed. The government has started to deal mainly with the pandemic, UEFA with how to complete its competitions, FIFA with how to get the money it lost from the cancellation of the club world cup, etc. However, despite the bad luck, the discussions did not stop and the government did not give up the possibility of a text from the international confederations that would have a weight for Greek football similar to that of the Ten Commandments of Moses for the people of Israel. . The “famous holistic study” that would come, should be a complete proposal for the future of Greek football, but also a serious description of its problems by the international confederations that since 2016 have been supervising the Greek federation with their own people. the federation is controlled by people behind the curtain and those who want to control it even more after its next elections, which are scheduled for the end of November, immediately circulated the view that “this study to come – something like an “exhibition of ideas” that “will have absolutely no meaning”. In order to prevent the possibility of FIFA / UEFA proposing changes in the federation, they even tried to hold elections against the provisions of the sports law since last July. When they saw that FIFA / UEFA did not comply with their request to write the sports law on their old shoes and to hold elections whenever they wanted, they gathered in their shell and decided not to object to the Deputy Minister of Sports Lefteris Avgenakis – maybe some helped SDOE visits to football clubs’ associations. But again, all those who run the federation reassured that nothing will change: “an exhibition of ideas does not change the slightest” wrote those who reproduce the line of the EPO. And suddenly, exactly a week ago, from Avgenakis himself, we learned that the study had come. It is 900 pages long, describes problems and suggests solutions – many solutions. It did not even come by mail: it was brought by UEFA officials who met, not only with the representatives of the government and the EPO, but also with the major shareholders of the big Greek teams, in order to convince everyone of the need for its implementation. a rare moment when we all agree that our football needs to change. There is sympathy for this from the government, FIFA / UEFA and big teams. Something good will come out. The text of the holistic study is impeccable, “a top government official told me. I argued in vain that studies alone do not solve problems if the proposals they contain are not put into practice. No PAE will ever say publicly that it wants to control the federation. They will all assure the competent minister that they will help him as much as they can. And at the same time, those who want control of the federation will continue to seek it for benefits: because the history of football itself has shown that whoever controls the federation does not lose. Equal – equal: each championship starts with a few points more than its competitors. What I want to say is that if the government expects cooperation from those who do nothing but deal with the electoral processes of the Unions and the federation, it has done well! The only thing that will be charged at some point is that by not being able to seriously intervene in football, it allows domestic corruption to make fun of it. Part of it is to make fun of her. Suckers Most governments have often rejoiced in the idea that those who sought complete control of our football are being sucked in: it is always better to pretend to be a fool than to look helpless. This government does not want to pass the image of the helpless: when the PAE constantly knocks on its door and asks for money, it is not helpless. But she is rather timid: she has the strategy to build a partnership with foreigners, but she does not dare to intervene seriously. Are you afraid of the political cost? Doesn’t he want tensions? Does she really believe that she will persuade various bigoted actors to listen to her wishes? He saw what happened to SYRIZA, which ruled our sport with the rupture with Olympiakos, e.g. and does not want breaks with teams? Everything can be valid, nothing can be. For now, her behavior is reminiscent of the myth of Aesop with the assembly of mice. All mice agree that the solution to get rid of the cat is to hang bells in its tail. But no one dares to do it. Daring I will bring an example to understand the daring. The holistic study has arrived. A bold government the first thing it would do is give a nice press conference to present it to the world. Football is a simple popular sport: if you have a text detailing its problems, you need to make them known. Then the solutions proposed by the international confederations should be presented. And finally, a minimum of time would have to be given to all of them to be adopted by the federation: if they were not immediately accepted and if there was no cooperation with the PAE to establish an administration that respects them, a bold government would put its own administration , as Stavros Kontonis did in 2016 and in fact without holistic studies and cooperation agreements. But the controversial Kontonis had a plan then. And he certainly did not care to get along with everyone. Because if you want to make omelette, you need eggs… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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