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The effects of the pandemic, unfortunately, continue with undiminished intensity in the second wave of the virus that we are going through, while we observe the economic effects to be strongly negative, mainly in the area of ​​food due to social constraints, local and general lockdown, but also The government has rightly turned to measures to support the industry across the country, both through the suspension of staff contracts and employment support, covering part of the salary and contributions, as well as in the field of entertainment and social interaction. and through the guarantee program, where small and medium-sized enterprises are supported, due to the reduction of their turnover in the given period. However, the economy has certain fiscal strengths as the European programs have a certain duration, so the government requires a complete restructuring of the economic model in the country, mainly in the field of e It is certain that in an environment of social distances, it is difficult as impossible to operate smoothly all year round businesses that operate simultaneously as cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs, while the number of It would be more legitimate to give incentives to have licenses for only one specific use, such as restaurants that can comply with security measures, offer a significant quality of service but also attract In this way, even in difficult times, the right health professionals can emerge and the market can make its own distinction and its own choices based on consumer preferences, thus rejecting inadequate but also dangerous professionals. The state must study and to separate the way of licensing, to apply stricter criteria for starting a catering business, which, however, could be supported by tax refunds, as long as they operate well and respect the customers, but also the difficult period we are going through. an integral part of the Greek economy and GDP, but it is enough to adapt to the new data and offer the appropriate services and the right prices to Greek consumers in order to support their purchasing power and empowerment through the demand for budget revenues. Meletis Rentoumis is a banking economist Follow him on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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