Economist: The ten focal points of 2021

2020 is coming to an end and everyone is wondering if the coming 2021 will be better or could bring even greater suffering than 2020. The Economist gives us its predictions for what will happen in 2021.1. Vaccine controversies As the first vaccines become available, global interest will shift to the way they are distributed. Vaccine diplomacy will be accompanied by transnational as well as interstate disputes over who should receive vaccines and when.2. Mixed Economic Recovery As economies begin to “return” from the pandemic recession, the recovery will be uneven. Local outbreaks of the virus and local restrictive measures will come and go. businesses at risk with a padlock. Thus, the gap between strong and weak companies will widen.3. Repairing the New Dysfunctional World How capable will the new US President, Joe Biden, repair the collapsing international rules and international balances? The Paris Climate Agreement and the nuclear deal with Iran are two ideal cases to test its intentions and capabilities.4. Rising tensions between US and China One should not expect Joe Biden to end the US trade war with China. Instead, it will seek alliances in order to carry it out more effectively. Many countries in Africa and Southeast Asia are doing everything they can to avoid taking a stand as the tension grows. Companies on the front line Another front between the US and China is companies, which are not limited to the well-known examples of Huawei and TikTok, as the business sector becomes even more of a geopolitical battlefield. Bosses, however, will not have to address not only the above government pressures, but also the pressures of workers and consumers, who will express even more vigorously their demands for climate change and social justice, where politicians have done little.6. After the technological revolution In 2020, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of many technological behaviors, from teleconferencing and e-shopping to teleworking and distance learning. In 2021 it will clarify which of these behaviors will remain or leave.7. HolidaysTourism will shrink and change with a greater emphasis on domestic tourism. Airlines, hotel chains and aircraft manufacturers will fight, as will universities that rely on international students. 8. The Opportunity for Climate Change The possibility of governments investing in “green” growth to create new jobs may prove to be a lifeline for the climate. The intentions of the political leaders will be revealed at the UN Climate Summit, which was postponed due to the coronavirus at the end of 2021.9. The year of the jackpot In the good scenario according to which we will have got rid of the corona virus, there is a chance to live what it was to live in 2020. Olympic Games 2020, World Expo 2020 and many more sessions and events that should take place 2020, may become the new year. 10. “Bell” for new dangersAcademics and analysts, many of whom had warned of pandemics years ago, will try to persuade governments to devote money and time to dealing with other dangers, few of which have been addressed as time. Time will tell… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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