Earthquake – Samos: Measures to support earthquake victims announced by the Ministry. Finance

The Ministry of Finance, in cooperation with the competent Ministries and the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE), announces interventions to help and support legal entities and individuals affected by the earthquake of October 30, 2020 and the phenomena that followed. Specifically: 1. Suspension of tax liabilities For the area of ​​Samos, the payment is extended and the payment of all outstanding certified and overdue tax liabilities is suspended, for both companies and individuals, for a period of six months. In particular, according to a relevant Ministerial Decision it is provided that: The deadlines for payment of the debts of natural and legal persons and entities certified in the Tax Offices / Control Centers with main residence or establishment (headquarters) in the Municipalities of East Samos and West Samos are extended until 30.04.2021 ending or expired from 30.10.2020 until 30.04.2021. Until the same date and for the same debts and persons, the deadlines for payment of the installments of arrangements / facilities for partial payment of certified debts are extended. The payment of the confirmed and overdue debts on the 30th of October 2020 .2. Business subsidy According to the existing institutional framework, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for compensating earthquake-affected companies. Specifically, it is responsible for subsidizing 30% – 70% of the material damage for buildings, equipment, raw materials, goods, trucks for public and private use, means of production, including land capital and stored products, which were recorded as damaged. The amount of the grant is borne by the Public Investment Program and is paid to the beneficiaries by the General Directorate of Financial Services of the Ministry of Development and Investment. According to the existing framework, after the necessary regulatory interventions at the regulatory level, which were recently carried out by the Ministry of Finance, in exceptional cases where there is significant and extensive damage to both the number of affected companies and the size of the disaster, an advance may be provided. against the total amount of the grant.3. Provision of housing assistance for the restoration of buildings With the Joint Ministerial Decision of demarcation of areas, with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure hastening, housing assistance is provided to natural and legal persons for the repair / reconstruction of the buildings affected by the earthquake. Housing assistance is provided to individuals and legal entities and covers the total estimated damage, with 80% free state aid and 20% interest-free loan. In the same context, – with another relevant Joint Ministerial Decision – is included the provision of housing assistance to natural and legal persons for the repair / reconstruction of the buildings affected by the flood that followed the earthquake. This housing assistance also covers the total estimated damage and is distributed in 60% free state aid and 40% interest-free loan. In both cases the state aid is borne by the Public Investment Program.4. Job protectionPrivate employers, regardless of industry or business, in the areas affected by the earthquake of 30 October 2020 may suspend the employment contracts of part or all of their employees until the damage has been repaired. due to the above phenomenon and not more than 3 months. Employees whose employment contract is suspended, according to the present, are entitled to extraordinary financial assistance, as special purpose compensation, amounting to 534 euros. At the same time, a provision of employee support will be introduced for the cases of those who lost their jobs after the earthquake of October 30, 2020.5. Regulation and suspension of insurance contributions The companies affected by the natural disaster of October 30, 2020 and have suffered losses, following a relevant Joint Ministerial Decision delimiting the natural disaster, may be included in the process of regulation and suspension of insurance contributions , which provides for (a) capitalization of insurance contributions due, (b) suspension of payment of current insurance contributions for 6 months, and (c) installment of those due after 6 months in 12-24 monthly installments.6. ENFIA Discharge The buildings after the corresponding plot of land, which are located in areas that have been declared in a state of emergency due to the natural disaster of October 30, 2020 and have been proven to be completely destroyed or operational damage that makes them uninhabitable, are exempt from year in which the disaster occurred, provided that at that time the ownership or real right to the property belongs to the taxpayer of that year.7. Suspension of auctions and seizures on real estate With a relevant provision promoted by the Ministry of Finance, the execution of any act of coercion on the real estate of natural or legal persons that have been proven to have been affected by the 2020 earthquake and the 30th of October is suspended for one year. , what followed this, including, in essence, the cases of auctions, seizures and expulsions.8. Extensions for submission of tax returns With decisions of the Governor of AADE, extensions were decided for the subjects who have their registered office and belong to the territorial jurisdiction of the Tax Office of Samos, until 30.11.2020, regarding the time of submission of fees and other taxes, VAT returns and tax payment resulting from them, as well as with the time of submission of income tax returns of legal entities and legal entities of article 45 of law 4172/2013 and withholding tax returns. The Ministry of Finance, together with all co-competent and involved Ministries are in close cooperation with the local self-government organizations, but also with the productive bodies, in order to proceed with intensive process the implementation of the support measures of the area affected by the deadly earthquake of October 30, 2020. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the world, at

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