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With this victory, Dortmund reached 12 points and climbed to second place, where it lives with Bayern Munich, while Leipzig is at the top with 13 points. On the other hand, Schalke remained for the 21st game without a win (along with the games of last year’s championship) and is in the penultimate position with 1 point. created the first good moment in the match. Haland leveled at Meniere, who made the save from the penalty spot, but failed to score. In the 32nd minute, the hosts came close to 1-0, but saw Dowd’s shot stop at the Renault crossbar. Six minutes later, Menier made the cross from the right, Reina took the head on the second crossbar, but did not find a target. In the second half, Dortmund increased their pressure even more and in the 55th minute opened the score with Akanzi. Guerrero changed Haland nicely, shot from the right, Renault blocked, but Akanzi took the rebound and scored 1-0. In the 61st minute, Sancho gave it to Haaland, the Norwegian striker entered the area from the right and with a place from the right. sends the ball into the net for 2-0. In the 78th minute, Hummels with a header after a corner by Guerrero, forced the Schalke goalkeeper to collect the ball from his net for the third time and made the final 3-0. Murray), Delaney, Daoud (71 ‘Witsel), Brad (77’ Royce), Reina (71 ‘Paslak), Sancho (77’ Azar), HaalandSALKE: Renou, Tio, Sane, Nastasic, Oshipka, Ljupka , Arit, Bentaleb (56 ‘Bozdogan), Pacienzia (56’ Koutoutsou), Matondo (71 ‘Raman)

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