Dora Anagnostopoulou: “Television does not forgive sloppiness”

Eleni Konstantatou Every day she takes care of the information of the viewers through the noon news bulletin of Mega. who encountered difficulties “. In “Mega stories”, the station’s new show, “the reason does not belong to us, but to those who do not have easy access to public speech” he says characteristically speaking to “Vima tis Kyriakis”. Premiere for “Mega stories”. Tell us a few words about this show. “It’s not a show in the studio. We are a group that took to the streets to record what the title of the show says. Stories of people who found themselves in the vortex of events, who faced difficulties, who fought to overcome these difficulties, who continue to fight. Reportage is the soul of this show, because every story, no matter how personal, is still a valuable testimony that in the end concerns each of us, because we all have common experiences or we need the experiential experience of fellow human beings. How will it differ from what we have seen? In this show, the speech does not belong to us but to those who do not have easy access to public speech. We do not hold the microphone to speak but to take a step. The job of the journalist is to record, to illuminate aspects, to highlight things and situations that often pass under our antennas. And this is done with a personal look and with the filters of an editorial team that is both fresh in ideas and fermented in this genre “. What will be the first” Mega stories “that we will watch?” We almost felt it was an obligation to start from the coronavirus. It is an issue that concerns us all. We talked to people who have experienced and are experiencing the pandemic from within. People infected with the virus, people fighting to get patients out of the Intensive Care Unit. It’s a huge fight, believe me. Stories that we will tell for years. “We traveled to Thessaloniki to talk to” patient zero “, the woman who first became ill with coronavirus in our country, we managed to enter intensive care units, we recorded fights and anxieties.” There is a story from the past that you would like to have you covered / researched and why? “There are stories that have been forgotten while they should remain alive in the collective memory mainly so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. We have thought of remembering some of them, but let me say no more. I will only say that the topicality and its rhythms often force us to put aside the past, but it is worthwhile to go back to the past and fight against oblivion. ”How much preparation does such a show need in relation to a news bulletin? “Everything needs a lot of hard preparation. Television is a sport that does not forgive sloppiness. The screen is big, you can not hide anything, and the screen of Mega, a channel with a lot of history and a lot of future, even bigger. If there is one difference, it is that the whole channel works for the news bulletin. The show is a more personal bet, the bet of a small and flexible team in our case, but it works with a lot of appetite to achieve the result it wants “. Undoubtedly 2020 is the year of the coronavirus. What are you holding on to this year and what worries you the most? We are a generation that fortunately did not live through wars and great disasters. This was our second big test after the financial crisis and as much as I want to hope it will be the last, what I hold is the lesson of this story. And this lesson says that battles are won collectively but also with a high sense of individual responsibility. This is what I hold, because this pandemic must leave us shielded for the future. Now we know what we have to do. ”From the beginning of the quarantine you were at the forefront of information. What do you remember most vividly from that period? “Like all of us, I have images that I think will be etched in my memory. The image of the ghost town that Athens was in the days of quarantine, the images from Bergamo with the military vehicles carrying coffins, the fatigue of the doctors, the pain of the people who could not say goodbye to their relatives who “left”. Of course, I will never forget the battle we all fought here at Mega, in these unprecedented circumstances, to keep the information up to date. As you will recall, Mega had just started, but we managed to gain the viewers’ trust. “Do you think the government managed the pandemic properly?” It is too early for that. I believe that the lockdown helped a lot in the first phase when neighboring European countries were counting many victims. The country had to open up to tourism in the summer and some arrhythmias may have occurred there. Could we better prepare for the second wave that is already here? Without a doubt – and I speak as a citizen of Europe. “What is your Mega story?” My boys. Their daily life. Their laughs. I miss many hours from home and I miss them “. PRINTED EDITION STEP Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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