“Doo” Beu to his favorite “Tiger”

Two dismissals in the match with Larissa by Alexis Kougia. With referee… leading for “consolidation” Tassos Sidiropoulos. The “consolidation” honored by the Mayor, former interpreter and current president of Volos, Achilleas Beos. It was a difficult day for Beo, things are not going well and lately in the wonderful world of Greek football he stands for. See with Grammenos of “his” Ivan to leave the EPO loses the influence he had in the Federation as well as his “own” child, Laskarakis stays outside. This lad who offered his services in the “consolidation” with the EPO in the hands of Ivan but now that things have changed with the “Tiger” in complete control of the situation as if the situation is strained for the Mayor, former interpreter and current president of Volos. You see Achilles is accustomed to another treatment. So, after the match with Larissa of Kougia, he fell to the top… Sidiropoulos, describing him on social media as “heartbreaking” and writing that he alters the results of matches. And he is also an international referee (!!!). “Only he saw a violation in the dismissal of Rienstra” says the Mayor, former interpreter and current president of Volos. Watch now, for Tassos Sidiropoulos, the favorite referee of “Tigris”. The best child of the Greek refereeing for “Tigris”, the referee that the whole Undersecretary (say with Kontoni) worked to appoint him to a cup final so that the “Tiger” would be happy. She has fallen to Sidiropoulos in the past like Achilles, in December 2019 after the match with PAO, but then the EPO was in the hands of Ivan. Other data that is about Achilles who felt powerful and in those times had his man in the EPO, Laskarakis, that is, president… Follow the in Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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