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We say and repeat various things about the Parliament and the representatives of the nation who are consulted inside it, to emphasize that although we vote for them, we do not have them in great esteem, let’s say a good conversation – they and we need it. So the Parliament, following the large donation of 50 ICU beds made at Sotiria Hospital (yesterday, a doctor friend of mine told me that 8 patients already suffering from Covid-19 are being treated in them), approved, following a proposal by the Ioannina rushed president of Costa Tassoula, new donation, amounting to 800,000 euros. The donation, which was then, of course, approved by the Conference of Speakers of the Parliament, will be used for the construction of a bridge that will connect Sotirias’s surgeries with the hospital clinics, so that patients can be transported safely, but and speed, in intensive care units. The donation, the Speaker of Parliament told me, solves a significant problem of this hospital, which, as it is known, is the number one reference hospital for Covid-19. What did I tell him? That with these and with what he does I see him undertake – as an honor or out of award – and duties of curator of the ICU of Sotiria! .. The “police violence”… Opposition for the rubble. Opposition for laughs and cries. Spirtzis, now a young man in charge of Civil Protection and others, accuses Chrysochoidis of “police violence” against innocent civilians in Galatsi on Sunday. Spirtzis does not say what happened to the MAT and they beat innocent citizens in Galatsi (in Galatsi!). The other one remains who reads it with the impression that Sunday morning, Chrysochoidis has woken up with a headache, and there on the dilemma I take a depot and it passes or I put the MAT to flatten someone, to thank him, that is, I do homeopathy, it ended in homeopathy. Αμ δε. It was about counter-concentration. The fascists of Kasidiaris had organized their own gathering somewhere nearby, and they said to gather and the anti-fascists to organize their own, that is, an anti-concentration. Because Sunday morning, what to do if you are a brutal democrat and anti-fascist? Exarcheio, it does not “say”, it does not matter, stadiums no longer exist, the coronavirus closed them, do a counter-concentration that is very democratic as a means of pressure, let your misery pass. The police were ordered not to leave the two rallies to get close to each other, and the lads on both sides are slaughtered with each other, and on there he pushed him from here, he threw some insidiousness from there, the episodes in Galatsi started. Where, this Spirtzis (who talks about the incidents in Galatsi, but a word about the children who are killed on the Patras – Pyrgos road that he had undertaken to build as a minister and cut it into eight pieces and the road will never become, but will people are killed), accuses Chrysochoidis to answer “if the reports are true that during these episodes the MAT hit… a 5-year-old child” !!!… the “reporter”. I go crazy just reading it. What miserable tomar raised a club to hit a baby? I look for the posts to find the answer. I find one, specifically of “Ef.Syn”. The authoritative newspaper writes: “According to the complaints so far, the Police trapped the gathered people in a cafeteria where they used chemicals, while MAT men allegedly attacked civilians indiscriminately. But the most serious is the fact that eyewitnesses report that the MAT even hit a mother and her five-year-old child “!! To see now the” complaints so far “. They come from a Twitter user with the “name” rising galaxy studio. This “reporter” writes in successive posts on Twitter: “A mother is trapped with her 5-year-old child outside the toilets (of a cafeteria). The mother is also screaming for the child who also receives an indefinite number of blows from the glop (!!!) which – according to the regular tactics of the paramilitary corps of EL.AS. – it is held upside down, that is, it is hit with the iron handle. ”Nice? Yes, but somehow, Chrysochoidis is accused, not only by Spirtzis, but by SYRIZA as a whole, and every troll on the Internet that… “beats five years”! And common sense, if one is now interested in it, effortlessly concludes that “there is no salvation” for this country anymore. And the baby of Hercules The great joke is that there is not even a 5-year-old in this story. An hour and a half after the events in the cafeteria in Galatsi, a lady appeared holding a child who had red eyes – from the chemicals thrown by the Police during the incidents with the anti-authoritarians, the lady explained. The child was given first aid, and left with his companion. But this child was not in the cafeteria where the beating of the alleged 5-year-old allegedly took place, which according to the complainants he received “and this indefinite number of blows from the glop”. This second child did not appear anywhere from a relative. In no hospital, and much more in any of the children’s hospitals. I do not say that, I submitted relevant questions to the Ministry of Civil Protection. He was sought after the complaints if an injured baby was served – “an unspecified number of glop blows” he allegedly accepted. Even if it was Hercules’ baby, it is impossible that he was not injured. Therefore; The conclusions are yours ρή Sacred setbackI will leave the conclusions for you for the next one. The Metropolitan of Serbia and Kozani preaches (of course without a mask), addresses the faithful who have flocked to Agios Anargyros (their great grace) to celebrate, and says the following (among many others): “Congratulations to all of you, because you came today for the memory of the saints to be sanctified with the blessed water. Another miracle, the water of sanctification that if exposed to the atmospheric air after days, remains intact, sanctified, healing, while the common water is altered. The devil does not let them take a second to see if everything the pastor church teaches us is like this. ” of the world, the Church of Greece is competing in anachronism and regression of the theocratic regime of Iran. And our “progressive” Archbishop is doing nothing to (gather) all of them εκ Digital elections The Church that abhors modernization, and the real modernization that are simple moves at the level of e-government in the country. You will surely remember (you went to school, I guess) that every now and then there were no classes because our teachers and professors when they had general meetings and when elections. The project is over. To be precise, it closes next Saturday, November 7th. With all formality. On Saturday, the elections for the promotion of teachers’ representatives in their service councils will be held by electronic voting. This is the work of Niki Kerameos and Kyriakos Pierrakakis (for which I am sure the whole educational community will be cursed, including some more. Candidates, parties, etc.). But what to do? Once all the good things are over… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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