Dolphin – robot will replace the real animals in the parks

He swims up and down the pool among the swimmers, like dolphins trained to go through hoops and do acrobatics. However, it is not a real dolphin, but a robot for zoos. , a company in the US with a department that specializes in animatronics and special effects, designed the robotic dolphin, with a price starting at $ 3 million and reaching up to $ 5 million. They will be used in shows. , used in movies, can be used to entertain visitors to theme parks, instead of real animals living in captivity. In this context, visitors could also swim with great white sharks or even prehistoric creatures. “So there’s obviously a mood for people to love and learn about dolphins,” said Walt Cody, the company’s founder and CEO. “We want to use that mood and offer different ways for people to fall in love with dolphins.” . Animatronics could bring back to zoos and theme parks the public who disapprove of the use of real, live animals, Cody said. It is noted that about 20 European countries have already banned or restricted the presence of wild animals in circuses. In California, a 250-pound and 2.5-meter animatronic dolphin with medical silicone skin was used in a school program in collaboration with TeachKind, which is part of PETA. It is noted that Edge also made the creatures used in movies such as “Free Willy”, “Deep Blue Sea” and “Anaconda”.

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