Does Nikos Hardalias know Luigi Pirandello?

How did Luigi Pirandello say that? “We are improvising tonight.” It seems that Nikos Hardalias, but also all those who suggest the measures for the coronavirus are theatrical. So they can improvise and “serve” the even tougher measures with a cloak of drama. And they do it in such a graceful and communicative way. A few 24 hours ago, Stelios Petsas informed us that 1 million SMS were sent to 13033 at the weekend. The leak happened, albeit approximately, and then came the “justification”. Oper means: “In order to send so many messages, the Greeks are probably loafing. They are probably sending SMS to walk around and to chat. It may be so, but by what logic do we operate with the “headache, we cut the head?” By what logic do we impose a traffic ban from 9 pm throughout Greece? Let’s see what happens when a hard worker, who is all day in his office he goes home at night. He wears his uniform, his sportswear and goes for a walk or for a little run, so that he can relax. Anxiety about his pocket, about his family. And this “amateur athlete” falls on a police officer who throws a “300” at his head, so that he learns not to do his physical exercise. These are sloppiness. Amateurism not to mention impotence. PirandelloThose who decided to take these measures are the same: Who allowed the Churches to be doomed, without security measures because it does not… stick to the house of God. that allowed the schools of 25 and 28 children and that made incredible blunders with the masks, which are still waiting for the students. They are the ones who could never control the situation, could not implement the measures, to properly police the people .They are the ones who allowed the parties in the squares or the gatherings, without daring to intervene. The same ones who let covid free Thessaloniki turn into a health bomb. The use of a mask from much earlier. and we reached the ban after 9 pm, with few exceptions. What will be the next step? Locking the world inside? By force? So tonight we are improvising, and Luigi Pirandello is the new representative of infectious disease specialists. The new κος Nikos Hardalias. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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