Documentary about Audrey Hepburn beyond the glamorous gendarme

Audrey Hepburn will be the subject of a new documentary being prepared by the team behind “BQFTA” nominee “McQueen”. The “Audrey” documentary, which will be available on DVD and digitally from November 30, will be a portrait of the iconic star through snapshots that have never been shown, as well as interviews with her family. Countless documentaries have been made about the actress, who is still considered one of the most stylish and elegant women in history, but this one promises to dig deeper to find out who she was beyond the glamorous wardrobe and the classic movies. The actress had a difficult childhood, was abandoned by her father and grew up under Nazi occupation in the Netherlands. These first experiences led to “a lifelong battle with the traumas of her past… and cast a shadow over her personal life,” according to a press release for the documentary. The documentary includes interviews with her son, the former artist Hepburn Ferrer Givenchy director Claire Waite Keller and Tiffany’s design director John Loring. As a tribute to Audrey Hepburn’s love of ballet, three famous dancers will play her at different stages of her life. “Francesca Hollywood era Audrey “at the height of her fame, Alessandra Ferry embodies her in the last years of her life and Keira Moore will appear as” young Audrey “, who was spotted producing through a ballet audition. The choreography of these scenes was edited by Wayne McGregor. The documentary’s director Helena Conn said that “the film provides more personal interviews with those who knew the actress best, which are woven around rare files”. Source: APE-BEGA News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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