Do not believe your eyes: The scourge of online optical fraud

The victory sign sent by Martin Luther King is turned into an obscene gesture; the crowd at Donald Trump’s inauguration is growing; now so easy to use that they threaten to rewrite history, warn researchers at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Even experienced journalists are often unable to distinguish truth from error, they point out. Their study, Visual Misinformation in Journalism and Public Communication, is published in the journalism Practice and reveals the extent of the problem. posted a photo of him on his official Facebook page in 2019, and journalists were able to see that his skin and figure had been edited in Photoshop because a raw version of the image was on the official White House Flickr account, “said Dr. Τ.Τζ. “But what happens when the unedited version is not available and journalists can’t rely on simple reverse image searches to make sure an image is true or distorted?” study includes photos published by US media and allegedly showing alligators on the streets of Tennessee after a flood. They were actually photographs from Florida. The historic photograph of Martin Luther King, Jr., forming the shape of victory with his fingers, when the US Senate passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, was falsified to show a raised middle finger. The fake image was widely circulated on Twitter and Reddit and was used as propaganda material by the far-right website The Daily Stormer. The detection of distorted images is made more difficult by the volume of optical material produced on a daily basis – more than 3.2 billion photographs and 720,000 hours of video – combined with the “Other material involved is the digital and visual literacy of those who see these images,” he added. by ordinary users. “Recently the International Center for Journalists [ICFG] conducted a survey of 2,700 journalists and newsroom executives in more than 130 countries, and found that only 11% of respondents use social media post verification tools, “said Dr. Thompson. artificial intelligence to detect falsified optical material. Until then, journalists are encouraged to take advantage of available methods, such as reverse image retrieval, metadata testing, image editing software, and light and shadow control. so easy in our eyes. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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