Disgust: Hooded PAOK fans attack a Mars Junior polo match – Announcement by the Amateur

Greek sports are plagued by brutal violence and intimidation. Violence with impunity, by dangerous people, which causes disgust, not only in the field of sports, but in Greek society as a whole. Subhumans, who do not hesitate to develop their violent and vulgar instincts, even when they have minor children in front of them. After last year’s disgrace, with the cowardly and criminal attack on the minor football players of the Olympic academy in Thessaloniki, this time, “battalion attack “of PAOK fans, consisting of about 70 hooded men, invaded a Youth Polo match where the Mars team was competing and verbally attacked minor athletes and parents, causing the match to be stopped, but also Aris to leave the tournament organized by Phoebus Sykeon. The Yellows, with an official announcement of the Amateur, reveal details about the new outrageous incident of fan violence, which again targeted minors. On the altar of a T-shirt. Another incident that comes next to the dozens that have taken place in recent years. Extreme cases of violence, verbal and physical, without discrimination. Violence against minors, the elderly, refugees, racist outbreaks. And all this, with the tolerance of the authorities and the competent bodies. Now, after the new incident, it becomes clear that this group does not act by chance. He acts with a plan, with a goal, with specific goals, without any hesitation. How much longer will the society, the state, the authorities tolerate this criminal impunity, which does not even take into account minor children? In detail, the announcement of AS Aris: “AS. ARIS is in an unpleasant position to announce the withdrawal of the club’s Youth Polo team from the tournament organized by Phoebus Sykeon. Unfortunately, on Saturday (17/10) we witnessed a sad incident that should only cause shame for the instigators and perpetrators of. At the time when our team was playing against PAOK, about 70 people entered the Municipal Swimming Pool of Oreokastro, wearing hoods, and started cursing the young ARIS athletes. It should be noted that there were children in the stands with their parents, who witnessed a shameful incident in a Teen race. The race, of course, was stopped and our team left the swimming pool accompanied by police. Following this development, ARIS has no choice but to leave the tournament, as in no case does the club intend to endanger our athletes and coaches. We must note that there are no complaints from organizing team, Phoebus Sykeon, whom we thank for the invitation and hospitality “.

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