Dionysis Savvopoulos at “House with MEGA” on Saturday, November 21

The great creator Dionysis Savvopoulos is welcomed on Saturday, November 21 by “Spiti me to to MEGA”. For the first time, Dionysis Savvopoulos in a TV concert with songs that “narrate” our life and our most important moments. Moments of our music history. Notes and words that have left an indelible mark over time. Everything that has value has the voice of Dionysis Savvopoulos that arouses, moves and creates a unique atmosphere and a “precious” fun. From the emblematic “Let the dances keep”, “Synnefoula”, “Angelos hexangelos” but also the unique “Zeybekiko”, all the great successes of Dionysis Savvopoulos take place on a special night. Classic but also modern, it welcomes its special guests, Manolis Mitsias, Christos Dantis, Violeta Ikaris and Mente Fuerte, introduces the talented collaborators of Sakis Dovolis, Klaudia Papadopoulou and Alexandra Sietros and Stavros Lancia. He travels and entertains us with unexpected artistic meetings, wonderful musical arrangements and songs that have a special place in our hearts. Dionysis Savvopoulos is always “the rock of our future”. “HOME WITH MEGA” with Dionysis Savvopoulos, Saturday 21 November at 21:00 in MEGA # SpitiMeToMega #neoprogrammaepitelousFacebook: House with MEGAInstagram: @spitimetomegaTwitter: @ spitimetomegaSYNTELESTES: Direction: Dimitris TsigkosExecutive Producer: Natasha LesiotiArchisyntaxia: George VlachogiannisMousiki Editing & Coordination Artists: Antonis DimitriadisOrganosi Production: Rena VougioukaDiefthynsi Production: Helen PanagopoulouAkolouthiste it in Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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