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It may remind some insiders of the Alexa that shapes the “smart home”. You download the application, connect all the wi-fi systems to the device, from the refrigerator, the kitchen and the TV to the lamps on the ceiling, and then you give orders. The lights turn on and off, the oven temperature is adjusted to order, the TV turns on automatically on the channel you ask for. At first you are impressed with the new game, then the routine extinguishes the excitement. In the end, you go back to the old habits and turn the switches on and off manually. The same could be said of the collective stance in the face of the pandemic and the new incarceration. Last spring in 13033 it caused general admiration, now it seems to be a routine and messages are sent in series. Sometimes not even – some rush from the street to send SMS, because they see below stopped for control. It is a problem that the government is taking into account, seeing the numbers in cases, intubated and victims do not show decline and looking at the context of a tougher quarantine. However, the new culture shaped by the Ministry of Digital Governance and the plan to move to a “hi-tec state” has come to stay. The coronavirus was an opportunity for a change in schedule and priorities and a faster pace – not the occasion. The plan was already in the works before we discovered Uhan on the map and he would move on, anyway. Kyriakos Pierrakakis, in fact, does not care at all if the changes lead to a new routine, on the contrary, that was the goal from the beginning. The more people integrate their internet relationship with the state into a new daily routine, the better. At the political level, the transition is already considered by Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself as one of the winning bets. And due to the needs of the period, Pierrakakis “runs” faster the schedule he has in his own blue file and the plan progresses without substantial problems. In the pandemic, his own agenda became a major government weapon. In the coming reshuffle, the prime minister’s decisions may be linked to an enhanced role. The second round of lockdown makes the “package” even bigger, with the new goal of teleconferencing to go beyond the working limits and the executives of companies and to be, in the first stage, an alternative way and at the end of the day the rule of citizen access to Public. Supporting documents are already requested from the KEP through a video conference, as well as from OAED and EFKA. At the tax office, the tele-contact is currently made only for the key numbers, soon it will be done for a series of tasks, even for the establishment of companies. Before the end of the year, the system is planned to cover the digital insurance information, the issuance of high school diplomas , the issuance of medical certificates through intangible prescription. The KEP has even provided the possibility of electronic access by third parties for people with disabilities, as well as a service in sign language. A new world is rising, quietly in the midst of a pandemic – and speeds are expected to be even higher: the auction ends on December 21st and from January, starting in Athens and Thessaloniki, the 5G network will start operating. Until then, may be an application that will have been downloaded on most mobile phones. In terms of schedule, the Ministry of Digital Government sees the horizon after the coronavirus. A digitally underdeveloped country, after all, can not hope to attract serious investors. Digital Greece, however, is already available for election betting. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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