Deutsche Bank: To introduce a tax on those who work from home

Work from home should be taxed to subsidize low-wage and precarious workers, according to a new report. Deutsche Bank economists, Guardian reports, suggest a 5% payroll tax for as many days as one chooses They work from home. They argue, among other things, that this is fair, as those who work from home save money, as they do not pay for MMM, for food and for work clothes. Another solution suggested is to pay him Employers who do not provide their employees with a permanent office. The German bank says such a tax could bring in $ 49 billion a year in the US, € 30 billion in Germany and $ 7 billion in the United Kingdom. The money could be given to low-wage earners who can not work from home. “Teleworking will be part of the new regularity even after the pandemic,” said Jim Reed, head of research and strategy at Deutsche Bank. “Those who work from home do not contribute to the system.” “The coronavirus has just made it obvious,” he added. This means that those who work from home contribute less to the financial system while benefiting from it. “This is a problem for the economy.” For an employee who earns .000 35,000 a month, a 5% tax means he would have to pay less than λί 7 a day. Templman proposes that the tax money be used in the form of 2,000-euro loans for 12% of people under the age of 25 receiving the minimum wage. Deutsche Bank also suggests that the new tax could support the unemployed. and all those who have been forced to pay less money. What will happen in such a case? The tax will be paid directly by employers who choose to let employees work from home. But it will not apply to the self-employed and low-income employees. will apply when people are asked to stay home for public or other medical reasons. Tax revenue will be used for a very specific purpose – to provide grants to millions of workers who cannot do their job. from home and making less than € 30,000 a year. Deutsche Bank reports that the investigation It is designed to spark debate on a number of important issues. “Many people are not impressed with the idea of ​​another tax, but some have seen it as an interesting policy that governments can use to redistribute some of its benefits. pandemics, which some people have reaped while others are lost “comments the author of the report. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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