“Democracy”: that’s where journalism ends and smuggling begins

When the pride of your… media group is Espresso obviously and no one expects to find σα Pulitzer reports in your media. Especially when your main political publication, the newspaper “Dimokratia”, when it does not host “conspiracy theories”, “sprayed” »Views, traditional far-right stereotypes, the neo-Nazis themselves, mainly moving to serve specific business agendas.How here we are faced with situations we encounter in a multitude of media.But from this point to the conscious and yet awkward and I am referring to the news that the Prime Minister allegedly referred to a report by tovima.gr as “the underworld”. Because it has nothing to do with what really happened. Let’s start from the beginning. gr had an important report.According to the official data for the week 19-25 October, it was found that 51% of the deaths of patients with COVID-19 that week group was made outside the ICU. The text did not imply that this was done on the basis of some macabre choice as to who lives and who dies. In fact, it had an explicit statement by doctors who said that “there is no screening of patients”. You just quoted statistics from an official source. picture of COVID-19 deaths in a given week and showed how great the pressure is on the health system. It did not distort anything. He did not panic. It was not fake news. In the interview of the prime minister a question is asked that does not make any reference to tovima.gr or the specific report. The question was whether a choice is made who enters the ICU or not. Professor Sotiris Tsiodras and the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis answer None of them is mentioned for tovima.gr or in the specific report. When the prime minister refers to the “internet underworld” he refers to the various trolls and conspiracy theorists who say that a choice is made as to who enters the ICU and who does not Here is the full relevant excerpt from the interview of the Prime Minister and Professor Tsiodra: “Stelios Petsas: Next question from Mrs. Sofia Fasoulaki from OREN to the President: You can reassure the citizens that there is a sufficient ICU. so that patients do not have to be selected for admission? Kyriakos Mitsotakis: I will say it again. We are taking steps to be absolutely sure that this very difficult decision, which unfortunately other countries have been forced to make, will never have to be made.[…]Sotiris Tsiodras: If you allow me, Mr. President, to make a big comment here from the great experience I have all these years in the Homeland, both as a doctor and as a public health servant. To say that every year in the flu, and the seasonal flu, this problem is treated by the Intensive Care Units in our country and of course in the daily medical practice, that the doctor, in consultation with the family environment, to a person who is elderly, has multiple health problems, a person who will possibly suffer and the process of death will be prolonged despite life itself, this choice is made in daily practice, in clinics, in our hospitals.[…]Kyriakos Mitsotakis: Allow me, Professor, to add something to this. I saw a theory circulating in the underworld that there are patients who do not die in Intensive Care Units and die in wards. Well, I want to repeat and emphasize what the professor said. Anyone who has been through this process, let me I have personal experience, he knows that sometimes the families themselves consciously choose, in consultation with the doctors, not to intubate their loved ones for whom intubation would be just a painful extension of a legally prescribed fee.[…]What I am describing is completely different, I want to emphasize, from what happened in cases like in Italy or in other countries where more people were arriving in hospitals at that time than hospitals could handle. This will not happen in Greece. And the reason why it will not happen: We are sure that the measures we are taking now will pay off. ” Both the prime minister and Professor Tsiodras explained what exactly was going on, and when the prime minister referred to “theory” and the “underworld of the internet”, he obviously meant those who circulate a conspiracy theories that are now being made. choice of who will go and who will not go to the ICU. Nothing above and nothing below. the specific aesthetics and style in it, all these are fine letters. Not even for Vaxevanis who instead of explaining what exactly happened with Kalogritsa’s guarantee and those 3 million a, he hurried to reproduce the fake news for tovima.gr in his media. Not even various others who reproduced the non-existent “news”. and let it be from fake news. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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