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Criticism was expected and, to some extent, justified: how come one day you tell us that you do not want to impose a general lockdown because it will be disastrous for the economy and psychology and after five days to do just that? Shouldn’t the scenarios you were studying last week also have a dramatic deterioration of the situation? Shouldn’t government policy be more cohesive? The Prime Minister knew he would listen. And his main defense in the day before yesterday’s press conference was to ask Sotiris Tsiodras to appear together, so that he can always say that he listens to the scientists. But his choice to call the top infectious disease specialist by his first name over and over again to convey an image of immediacy was unfortunate. And he was answered in the best way by the always impeccable professor, who addressed him with the address “Mr. President” or simply “President”. However, not “Kyriako”. The other weapon of the Prime Minister was the first single. “I” listen, “I” decide, “I” have the responsibility. He has a logic: his dominance in the polls is absolute, so any mistakes and failures will not cost him. But it does not cease to sound Bonapartist. And, in any case, the government’s pandemic policy is not – or hopefully is not – the work of one man. One would even dare to expect that if Kyriakos Mitsotakis is in the minority on an issue, he will not insist on saving his own well. But maybe then it would not be Mitsotakis. The element of surprise from the behavior of an unpredictable enemy such as SARS-CoV-2 is always useful to justify the frequent displacement of mounds. Again: what we have already learned from the previous wave is that we have to wait 14 days to see if a series of measures work. Any change of attitude in the meantime indicates a possible loss of control. But of course this is not a sad privilege of Greece, it has already been admitted by the officials of many advanced western countries. It remains where the damage was done. Are young people to blame for their “carelessness”? Are secret parties to blame? Is it the fault of all those priests who insist on not wearing a mask, knowing that neither the law requires it nor will anyone be found to observe them? Are conspiracy theorists and fake news traffickers to blame? Would the second wave sweep anyway? These questions were not answered nor could they be answered in yesterday’s interview: if the Prime Minister were to take responsibility, he could not oust his government. But what matters now is discipline. Follow it on Google News and find out first See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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