Defective products: Consumer compensation for a faulty telephone

If you have been buying defective products, consumers have three ways to move. According to the Union, the consumer ordered and received from the store a mobile phone smartphone, worth 359.10 euros, paying the price of 221.90 euros, due to a discount coupon. However, upon receipt, a number of problems arose for which the consumer complained to the sales company. Despite the replacement of the defective parts (screen, etc.), the problems continued in the next period. repairs made, this did not have the satisfactory performance promised by the manufacturer. It should be noted that the two-year warranty of the device had already expired during the time the device was in the Technical Department of the company. of the Civil Code, the company agreed to compensate the consumer for the defective product, granting him equal credit for the purchase of any electrical item he wished, without any financial burden or other obligation on the part of the consumer. The vast majority of complaints defective products, reaching an impressive 62.8% of the total complaints in this category. Defective products So, in case you buy a defective product, you have alternatively, the following rights: otherRequest a reduction to withdraw from the contractFollow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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