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In the old days “Beware of imitations” was written in creditworthy advertisements – “Beware of polls” is the new motto of voters, readers and journalists after the catastrophe that comes to us from the old to the modern Republics: Joe Biden’s planned walk a dangerous cliff edge has been made. Voter sentiment has become more unpredictable than both Ekelados and virus mutations – and perhaps just as dangerous. Analyzes of the failure of the polls have been exhausted by Donald Trump’s previous victory, as well as analyzes of where owes his victory – the failures of the polls and the successes of Donald Trump must be interrelated as the two phenomena coexist; because even if he loses, it is a huge success for the new leader to be so close to victory despite the internal and international poll against him, despite the predictions. The pollsters may have been defeated, but democracy won: it was, they say, the largest voter turnout in a century. As he wins in every electoral contest in Turkey, where the turnout exceeds 80%. If democracy defeats Tayyip Erdogan or Donald Trump, it’s probably not the fault of democracy but of their opponents: would the US president claim a second term today if the greedy and disliked Hillary Clinton did not want to? Even better, direct democracy triumphs – because the leader’s ability to communicate directly with the crowd via twitter, facebook, etc., and the discrediting of old mediators, party mechanisms and the media, may have a significant share of responsibility for the a strange political scene that has been set up in so many countries. Crying also triumphs: according to the model of Tassos Papadopoulos -who cried on the screen and won the referendum that destroyed Cyprus- “do not make me cry” Donald Trump asked the crowd excitedly who even shouted “we love you”; he even predicted that something like this would give him 4-5 points. Democracy can triumph even more, as in Greek universities – I do not mean only the expulsion of opponents but also that after the student elections each faction declares that it has won and presents its own percentages. Let’s hope that we will not see this apotheosis of democracy in the USA, the oldest of the modern Republics, let’s not forget it. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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