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Jeffrey Tubin is not just anyone. He is successful, even in America. Educated at Harvard and trained as a lawyer, Tubin has been one of the most well-known forensic analysts in the US media for decades. A New Yorker contributor for twenty-five years, a regular commentator on CNN, Tubin has, if I’m not mistaken, more than 250,000 followers on social media. That is why the fact that he was caught masturbating during a professional collaboration through “Zoom” caused such a stir. What happened. Tubin participated in a simulation of the election night, in view of the presidency, along with many other distinguished and “famous” people. During a short break, he connected to an apparently pornographic website and, quickly, did a workout in the sport of biblical defense. However, he did not take care to cut off his connection with others, so that everyone could see him. I want to stay here for a while and try to capture the size of this man’s disgrace. And because the elegant charms (the sport of Aynanos), as well as the cold technical language (he masturbated) do not give the size of a disgrace, only if we say it in colloquial terms does he feel his suffering: they wrestled him to play him… It definitely’s It is remarkable, perhaps admirable, that in his 60s (because that is his age) Tubin may still have the beauty of teenage impulses. He is not alone. Was not Sophocles the one who stopped having appetites near his nineties and thanked the gods who had finally got rid of the demon? He, of course, preferred boys and was famous for that. Plutarch writes that in the campaign of Samos, in 440 BC, Sophocles commented on the beauty of a young man to his general Pericles, who brought him back to order: “Only the hands, O Sophocles, see clearly the general, but also the faces “. He meant that the general must have a clear mind and focused on his work. That is why I am surprised with Tubin. He was at work, even if it was a short break! How is it possible that it could not be restrained? To some people, this thing is like natural need? The call of nature, what do we say? You should definitely go to the throne now (my terminology) and you can not wait? Not coincidentally, I think Mark Ryan is the same age as Tubin. This is a sixty-year-old American, a professor of robotics in Germany, thin, well-trained, well-groomed. I was informed of its existence by the fact that, although you would not call him a “hero of pleasure”, in the Cavafy sense, Professor Ryan is accustomed to always walking around dressed impeccably, only from the waist up he dresses men, while from the waist and Women’s underwear: with high heels, tights and fitted skirts. Goddess the moussaka! .. Here my imagination fails. I can not even suspect the power of inner need, which can lead a person to this kind of ridicule – except of course the obvious: to attract the attention of others. Maybe again it is a trick for his professional development. With the dictatorship of political correctness and identity politics prevailing in the American university community, it is very likely that a professor dressed as half a woman will have a serious chance of being hired at an “Ivy League” university. that something strange is happening to men in their sixties and needs attention. I am fortunately 61, I passed the risk. But I tremble at the thought of the dangers I went through in my sixtieth year of life. Watch out for the little ones! .. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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