Dambizas talks about the unique dribbling of Bergkamp after 18 years

During the time that Nikos Dambizas was playing in England, he had the misfortune to star in a phase that was to become timeless in world football. On March 2, 2002, in an Arsenal-Newcastle game, Dennis Bergham dribbled a “dribble” style that is still considered highlight today. Since then, that dribble has gone viral and is commented on daily on social media. Eighteen years later, Nikos Dambizas claims that he does not feel uncomfortable when he sees the phase on the internet. In an interview with the Dutch website elfvoetbal.nl, Dambizas described but also afterwards: “Now I see it differently from then. At first I was overwhelmed by other emotions. When you are a defender, a goal bothers you. But gradually those feelings subsided. I think it took me a few days to accept what happened and see the goal from the right perspective. With the eyes of a fan. This is the only right way to see it, I think so. “The former technical director of Panathinaikos explained how Bergkamp’s dribble reached his family: But he did not catch. Now I do not feel uncomfortable looking at the photos. I feel respected. Some people think I should be ashamed. It’s not like this. Bergkamp was a great footballer. Very intelligent. “I can only admire him.”

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