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The responsibility for managing the health crisis lies primarily with the government. Just as the management of the previous phases of the crisis belonged to the previous government. And I intentionally connect the forms of crisis. Whether created for common or independent causes, as a result they combine, add up and educate politically and culturally. Somewhat like the arthritis in the wrist that you get from a fall with a machine. With time, the biological memory of the fall and the natural aging are intertwined. You do not understand the root and origin of pain, you just hurt. Fatigue, loofah and avoidance efforts, despair, depression, all phenomena of health discipline and disorder include the ten-year adventure of our country and our people, the ten-year struggle. the ten-year disasters, the ten-year insecurity, the ten-year cancellations, etc. They were not established with the coronavirus now, nor will they end with the vaccine of time. We will pay the financial and behavioral bills in full. After all, Mr. Skylakakis said it with great sincerity: “At the moment, what we are spending are future taxes.” The government knows (and we know) that what Mr. Skylakakis says is true. You owe what you spend. We have learned it for so many years: we paid both the just and the unjust (and counterproductive) overpayments of the thirty-five years with three Memoranda, with the loss of national and individual property, with the destruction of the political system, – “social peace”. No matter how many tricks and communication dribbles one uses to blame someone else, no matter how much verbal nonsense the government communication machine discovers, the inevitable cannot be avoided: the responsible government will be held accountable. wound. As with all governments. SYRIZA did not share its responsibilities, the government will not share its own. Regardless of the tactics used by the government or the opposition, there is something major, whether you call it meat or fish. The structure of the Memorandum, the regulator of bankruptcy and the political relationship between borrower and lender, also overshadows the economic implications and in part imposes policies to deal with the health crisis. The anticipation of summer, e.g. to open the doors without a 72-hour negative test – as Cyprus did -, gave today’s dark fruits. The government does not want to be left with costs for the health system, which may well go to profit for individuals. And he says raw: If you want a costly public system and aid, you will eat taxes. He will do what he blamed the previous government for. “Over-tax the middle class”. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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