Covid: Manchester on fire (51 dead), UEFA on open line with Olympiacos

In Greece today: 6 dead who raise the sad count even more. We have now come to mourn the loss of 626 of our fellow citizens. And of course everyone thinks about what is to come. The uphill in front. Today we overcame the 2000 cases for the first time. In Manchester today: 51 dead. Just over two-thirds of the victims recorded in North West (83) England. In the meantime, today on the Island it was announced that the barrier of one million cases was broken, starting on January 31, when this painful recording began. Breathtaking numbers. Manchester is in the “red”. In essence in lockdown. Typically at level 3, in the way they assess the pandemic issue there. Level 3 is the highest of the rating level. It is of course not the only city in Europe that faces such a serious problem. But it is the next city that Olympiacos travels to. And as you can see, this is of greater interest. The Red and Whites face City in Ittihad on Tuesday night for the 3rd game of the Champions League. They leave our country on Monday morning (10.30) by charter flight. They return on Wednesday afternoon. They will spend two nights in the English North. In conditions that will remind many of the August trip to Wolverhampton. Olympiacos is on an open line with UEFA. And he has already been informed about some basic things that are different from the previous trip to Porto. The press conference of the Red and Whites, but also of City will take place without the physical presence of journalists. The training will be open for 15 minutes only for the camera of Cosmote tv which has the relevant rights in Greece. The match will take place normally. Without of course the presence of people (in Dragao there were 3,750 in the stands). UEFA in the protocol it has drawn up gives the impression that at any -reasonable- cost the tournament will run according to the schedule. B consisting of players of the Youth team) plays normally. Not three cases that the Red and Whites have (Kamara, Ba, Sundani) but… 23 to be counted UEFA wants the tournament to move forward. Revenue from TV rights is the water that spins the mill. The coming week is key. Both for the Champions League and for the Europa League. The first round of the group stage in the two tournaments is essentially completed. Three weeks follow until the resumption. Three weeks are expected to be very difficult for Europe as the second wave of the pandemic is now in full swing. But obviously until the time for the next matches comes, UEFA will somehow have looked for a way to continue the game. In the summer there was another idea that it had announced. The one with the “neutral zones”. That is, with cities in Europe that can take responsibility for hosting the two events. In countries that will not face a similar problem. At that time, in fact, among the countries that had been selected were Greece and Cyprus. Of course at a time when everything was very different. Normally, according to information, Marseille is preparing to travel to Porto. For the other match of group C, while according to what the Guardian reports, it is not excluded that the government of Boris Johnson will announce a total lockdown in Great Britain. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and World, in

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