Coronavirus: Uses… cell debris to spread throughout the body

The coronavirus comes out of the infected cells with the… garbage, in order to invade the adjacent healthy, without being noticed by the immune system, say scientists from the USA. In this way it manages to spread in the body, without making its presence felt In experiments in the laboratory, scientists have discovered that the coronavirus uses an unusual pathway to exit infected cells. This pathway is lysosomes. Lysosomes are spherical organelles of cells. They are surrounded by a simple membrane and contain certain enzymes that contribute to the digestion of cellular “garbage”. Cellular “garbage” are substances that must be broken down into tiny pieces to be removed from the cell. These “garbage” include pathogenic microorganisms. What the coronavirus uses However, the new coronavirus uses lysosomes as an escape route, inactivating their basic functions. “As far as we know, only two or three viruses exit infected cells through this pathway,” lead researcher Dr Nihal Altan-Bonnet of the US National Heart, Lung & Blood Foundation (NI) told Reuters. “In addition, the new coronavirus is the only sheath virus that does this.” As he explained, all other sheath viruses use different mechanisms to spread from cell to cell. These other viruses include: Influenza viruses Hepatitis C virus Zika virus Dangi fever virus Ebola virus West Nile virus What is the coronavirus? (RNA). The capsule together with the RNA form the so-called nucleocapsid. Around this formation there is another envelope, like an envelope, that encloses it. This envelope is called the sheath and is made up of lipids and proteins. Due to the lipids, as reports, it dissolves easily from the soap, which is why good soaping with lukewarm water frees our hands from the virus. It deactivates the lysosomes. As explained by Dr. Altan-Bonnet, under normal conditions, as soon as the lysosomes break down the pathogenic microorganisms into tiny pieces, they push them to the surface of the infected cell. In this way they inform the immune system about the presence of the invader. However, the new coronavirus deactivates the process of promoting lysosome. Thus, it prevents the updating of the immune system. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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