Coronavirus: Aspirin is a candidate drug in a large British study

Aspirin, the drug commonly used as a painkiller and anticoagulant, will now be tested as a candidate treatment for Covid-19-19 pneumonia at one of the largest coronavirus clinics in Britain. Aspirin is thus being added to Covid-19 patients have been found to be at risk for thrombosis due to the effect of coronavirus on platelets, fragments of circulating cells in the blood, and other pathogens under consideration. help stop any bleeding. Platelet dysfunction due to infection with the new coronavirus can cause blood to clot into blood vessels. Acetylsalicylic acid, scientifically called aspirin, has an anticoagulant effect and may prevent the effects of Covid-19 on blood vessels. reasoning that makes us believe that [η ασπιρίνη] can offer benefits. It is also safe, inexpensive and widely available, “said Peter Horby, co-head of Recovery researchers, according to Reuters. About 4,000 coronavirus patients are expected to take part in the study, half of whom will receive 150mg of aspirin a day, along with standard medication against Covid. The other half will only receive standard treatment for comparison purposes. Although generally considered safe, aspirin may increase the risk of internal bleeding and long-term use at high doses has been linked to kidney damage. Other treatments evaluated in the Recovery test include the common antibiotic azithromycin and the Regeneron antibody cocktail used to treat outgoing US President Donald Trump when he fell ill with COVID-19. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know the world, in

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