Coronaios: What applies to sports venues in surveillance and high risk areas

The outbreak of cases almost all over the country brings changes in the field of sports as the government has decided a series of restrictive measures for gyms and sports clubs. After yesterday’s announcements by the Deputy Minister of Defense Nikos Hardalia, only Superleague football matches will be allowed. A1 basketball and European games, such as the Champions League and Europa League, of course without fans. The coronavirus puts a lock on virtually all sports activities in areas at high risk (formerly “orange” and “red”) such as Attica and Northern Greece. At level A, which is not on alert, Sports and activities without spectators are allowed in Sports. According to the announcements of Nikos Hardalias: Only individual sports in the open are allowed. ” Training and competitions without spectators ┬╗Reduction to 75% of the maximum number of athletes per facility (see appendix)┬╗ Instructions and Health protocols for training and competitions At level B in Sports all sporting events are prohibited except for certain sports. outdoors (without coach). This means that children can play in open fields but individually and not in groups. Individual sports are allowed ONLY in open sports facilities, such as tennis, shooting, archery, sailing (with a single crew), rowing (with a single crew), canoeing and kayaking. (with single crew), water skiing, athletics, swimming (on the high seas), cycling, golf, horseback riding, motor sports. ONLY games of the First National Football League (Super League) and the A1 National Basketball League (Basketball League) are allowed. ), as well as European games (Champions League & Europa League) – according to the special protocols of FIFA & FIBAWhat will apply in gymsFor areas A: Mandatory use of mask on staff, while waiting in the gym common areas of the gym as well as in group exerciseExclusive exercise is excluded from the use of a mask (eg treadmill, weights) with distances of 2m 1 person per 10 sq.m. At level B, the operation of the gyms is suspended. Detailed instructions are also available in the following appendix: c Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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