Coronaios: The vaccine market will exceed $ 10 billion per year

The future market for coronavirus vaccines could exceed $ 10 billion in annual profits for pharmaceutical companies, according to industry experts. Their assessment comes despite the fact that some pharmacists have pledged to give their vaccines in ways that will not be profitable for the duration of the pandemic. Analysts at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse believe They repeat the vaccines every year, as they do with the flu, at an average of $ 20 for each vaccine dose. Prices range from $ 3 to $ 37 per installment. Matthew Harrison, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, estimates that even if only those who are vaccinated each year for the flu get the coronavirus vaccine, the profits of the pharmaceutical industry in the US, Europe and other developed parts of the world will exceed $ 10 billion a year. It sets the cost of producing the vaccines at $ 5- $ 10 per dose. The size of the market depends on whether people should get the vaccine on an annual basis or less often, but also on the percentage of the population that will be vaccinated, and could even reach $ 25 billion a year. Evan Siegerman , an analyst at Credit Suisse, told the Guardian that the US market alone could reach $ 10 billion, based on Pfizer vaccine pricing at $ 19.50 per dose, and that all 330 million people would receive two Min Pangalos, executive vice president of AstraZeneca, told her company she hoped the vaccine she was developing with the University of Oxford “would be effective for at least a year, maybe more.” Pharmaceuticals have received billions of dollars from governments in recent months to accelerate vaccine development as the pandemic worsens. The British government offered 84 84 million to fund vaccine research in May – 65.5 million of which for the AstraZeneca and Oxford trials and $ 18.5 million at Imperial College, which has also received funding from the US government as part of a $ 1.2 billion deal to secure 300 million installments. more than 350 million doses through supply agreements for six different coronavirus vaccines. The AstraZeneca and Oxford vaccine is expected to be one of the first to apply for approval to regulators at the end of the year, assuming that clinical trials will be completed successfully. that the company has mass-produced the vaccine and will be ready to distribute hundreds of millions of doses as early as January. AstraZeneca and US pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson have pledged to make their drugs available for non-profit purposes for the duration of the pandemic. But others, such as Pfizer and US biotech company Moderna, have taken a different stance. The loss-making company Moderna, which has received nearly $ 1 billion from the US government for vaccine research, wants to sell its final product for up to $ 37 per installment. AstraZeneca charges governments $ 3 to $ 5 to cover its costs. The poorest countries will always receive the vaccine at a cost, even after the pandemic is over, the British company has said. GSK, which is developing a vaccine with France’s Sanofi, does not expect the final product to make a profit during the pandemic, and has said the company will invest every short-term profit in coronavirus research. China, Sinovac Biotech sells its Corona Vac vaccine for $ 60 in two installments in some cities as part of its emergency plan. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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