Coronaios – padlock in focus: Disaster for the whole economy say market representatives

The new restrictive measures in the market world are causing serious concern, especially in the catering companies and the industries that are locked in the red areas as they talk about disaster and irreparable damage that will lead to the financial death of small and medium-sized enterprises. Multidimensional policy companies are also very dissatisfied with the financial measures announced as compensation for the padlock, especially in the catering companies located in the “red areas”. The president of GSEVEE emphasizes that “it is not even aspirin in cancer”, representatives of more than 250 companies in Thessaloniki are asking for “substantial support”, while the president of KEEE and EVEA Konstantinos Michalos left tips against the government that it causes financial damage to companies by giving weight to restrictive measures instead of measures to strengthen the public health system. “It must be tackled with a multidimensional policy, which will primarily aim at strengthening the national health system and will less impose measures that affect the market and workers and will ultimately lead to worse results than intended,” said Mr. Michalos. of the Central Union of Chambers of Greece and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry Konstantinos Michalos when asked by APE-MPE about the measures announced today by the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras, to support companies and employees who will be affected by the imposition of new restrictions “The decision to lock down the catering, leisure and sports businesses is sure to cause huge economic damage, not only to specific sectors, but to our entire national economy, as it will hit almost the entire economy,” he said. of the Greek market. For example The food and beverage industry units that will lose their customers – the catering and entertainment stores – as well as many other production units that supply various types of businesses that will close due to the The initiatives for the support of companies and employees in order to mitigate the financial consequences of the new measures for the pandemic, announced by the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras, are the least that could be done to not lead the Greek market to full extinction and workers in complete impoverishment and long-term unemployment. These measures are an aspirin for the effects on the economy of the pandemic. The problem of the pandemic must be addressed with a multidimensional policy, which will primarily aim at strengthening the national health system and will less impose measures that affect the market and workers and ultimately will lead to worse results than intended “. Not even aspirin in cancer “Unfortunately the measures we heard are not even aspirin in cancer patients. “Not only are they obsolete, as they are essentially a repeat of the March measures, they are also inadequate, not taking into account where the catering industry has reached after so many months of adventure and the practical problems that will arise,” the President told newmoney. of the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurant and Related Professions and president of GSEVEE George Kavvathas. He adds that, “given that the lockdown concerns the vast majority of the industry, we automatically go to a great catastrophe.” We need bolder decisions. Today’s announcements lacked the granting of an amount to professionals, as given in the two-month lockdown. “Even with the two repayable advance plans, they should be bigger,” he said. “Even with the rents, the business will start operating on December 2 and the next day it will have to pay the full rent to the property owner.” With what money? Turnover will be zero throughout the month. And catering is not an industry that can replenish turnover, like a stocking store. We have lost two and a half months with the first lockdown and now comes another month with zero turnover. “Now the padlocks in our space are the new reality that will accelerate after all this”, he notes. 60% drop in turnover According to the latest data of ELSTAT analyzed by the Federation, the turnover in catering is currently 60% lower in compared to last year’s levels. “If it went like this until the end of the year, we would be talking about an annual turnover of around 2 billion euros, when last year we were at 5 billion euros. With the new lockdown, however, even this number cannot be achieved and as you understand, it creates a chain of consequences in the wider economy, from the food and beverage industries, to the bakeries, the markets of meat and vegetables, etc. “, adds Mr. Kavvathas. Affected 1 million jobsToday around 80,000 companies operate in the catering industry, most of them family-run. The employees reach 330,000 while another 100,000 are the so-called “assisting members”, such as the wife, the children, generally the first-degree relatives of the tradesman. “But if one sees it, one will find that the industry affects close to 1 million. jobs, from the primary sector to industry and services “, says Mr. Kavvathas. Substantial support” Substantial support “from the government is requested by the members of the Thessaloniki Catering Initiative, which includes the owners of more than 250 companies. the announced measures, compensations, “especially for Thessaloniki after the second instant closure in one night”, support for leases with rent reductions, extension of leases for the periods that are closed or under-operated and with application from October. At the same time, they ask selected suspension for weak enterprises that are not viable under restrictive measures, protection of staff and jobs financial assistance. They are also asking for at least a year and especially for catering, reduction of VAT to 6%, reduction of contributions to 25%, reintegration into lost arrangements and favorable arrangements for accumulated debts created by lock downs and repeated restrictive measures. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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