Coronaios: Growth will cover the extra debt due to a pandemic, says Solz

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Solz relies on economic growth to address the coronavirus crisis and does not see the urgent need to raise taxes to address the financial burden of the Covid-19 pandemic. find ourselves in the debt issue in the foreseeable future again where we were before the pandemic. “The debt is rising sharply, but not too much, and it is significantly lower than it was after Lehman went bankrupt,” the vice-chancellor told the German Writers’ Network in an interview today. of a tax system that must be “honest and fair. “Those who have very, very big profits and earn a lot of money should have a corresponding share in the state funding.” The majority of citizens with small, medium and very normal incomes should be facilitated. “But this can only work if the top 5% of incomes, earning a few hundred thousand euros a year, pay more,” said the Social Democrat (SPD) politician. He also called for a reintroduction of property tax: “The Swiss Federal Minister for Finance sees sufficient room for maneuver in the budget to provide financial assistance to those affected, even if the pandemic continues:” the economic power to do whatever it takes this year and next to maintain control of the pandemic and mitigate the associated economic consequences. If necessary, we can replenish (help the victims). ” “Since there are no cures or vaccinated citizens, we need to monitor progress very closely and act quickly and decisively if the number of cases threatens to put too much strain on our health system.” “quickly, the economic downturn is limited and things are going much better than expected,” he said. For example, I can imagine financial help in case the planned events have to be canceled due to the pandemic “, he explained. Source: APE-BEA Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news

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