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No one can be held responsible for the fact that we are locked in our homes again to limit the spread of the pandemic to levels manageable by the National Health System. About four months ago the spread of the disease in the community was almost zero. As a result, various misguided movements of the people, gatherings in squares (eg Agios Paraskevi) and in coastal areas (Alimos, Thessaloniki beach) do not add anything to the increase in cases. What mediated between then and now? Obviously the opening of the borders and the summer months. The attempt to implement measures that virtually no one could impose and the observance of rules by young children who are full of life and questioning tendencies was completely unreal. At the same time any control of those entering airports and borders was at least rudimentary. Sampling and free entry before results are tested. And if they came out positive, these people were looking for where they had stated they would be. Without the possibility of effective control of their contacts until then. Why were planes excluded from a safe sanitary distance between passengers? Why were people from the neighboring Balkan countries allowed to enter uncontrollably at first? The argument that tourism should have been saved has no solid basis. Because arrivals were limited anyway. And the financial problem remains serious. With the outbreak of the second wave of the disease and the new lockdown, any benefits disappear and the economy enters deep uncharted waters. But beyond all that. Why were all the voices calling for masks everywhere since the end of August ignored? What would bother if citizens were forced to protect themselves, protecting others, much earlier in a way that could easily be policed? After all, almost everything else, distances to cafes / restaurants, only standing and at a distance outside the bar, ban on gatherings, use of a mask in interpersonal contacts were violated almost everywhere. In fact, some completely open and institutional bodies (officials, parties, Church). Many of the expert scientists in public appeared to be inconsistent. Someone insisted that if the cases exceeded 150 we should be worried. Later he looked reassuring at 500! Another insisted, in about the same number, that everything is under control and that there is no cause for concern. So how did we get here so suddenly? And what does the future predict? If the numbers do not fall relatively quickly. Or, if they fall again, what happens next? If there is no vaccine, will we always be in? Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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