Clattenberg: “Without fans, the guests’ penalties increased”

In the increase of the penalties for the guests, Mark Clattenberg stood in the column he maintains in the Daily Mail. The English chief commented on the phases of the Premier League, pointing out that the guests get more penalties due to the που absence of fans. Clattenberg stressed that there are no fans to put pressure on players and referees, while emphasizing that the VAR does its job. Analytically what Mark Clattenberg commented: But having already been given 36 in 68 games this year, we are going to see more than 200 penalties in the 2020-2021 season. What stands out when watching a game, is that the referee is called to make 5 or 6 big decisions per match. When I was in the Premier League, I might have had one or two. So what is behind the rise of hits within the area? Nothing escapes the VAR The VAR has been operating in the Premier League since the 2019-2020 season, where 92 penalties were awarded, but was not fully utilized. How many times have we wished our referees could see incidents on the monitors on the side of the court? Those at Stockley Park did not correct the whistles of colleagues on the field. Now they do. Nothing escapes the VAR. Incidents in the area are detected and investigated more than ever thanks to technology. We wanted the VAR to do its job and do it, despite the strange controversy. This is not a change in the law. There has been no change in what is considered a foul. Nor does PGMOL advise “every contact is a foul”. Mohamed Salah may have been knocked out by Arthur Mazuaku, but the West Ham player took that risk when he “rushed”. Those who say Liverpool could have taken a penalty, but Salah should have seen the yellow card because he is the one who makes the most contact – it is not possible. If the contact was caused by Salah and he was trying to deceive the referee, then he had to be observed. But here Mazuaku goes on Salah and Kevin Fred made the right decision. If he had not given a penalty, he would have been criticized because there is clear contact. But he gave it and he is criticized for that as well. Do not forget the hands Remember when Lucas Dean sent the ball into the hand of Joel Ward? Or when Saint’s shot found Lideloff’s hand? Or when Doherty took a penalty because the ball went to Winks’s foot and went into his hand? All this was given a penalty, but the Premier League has since said that they would not give with the new interpretation of the hand. These incidents helped the current data, since practically some players were punished because they have hands! Having said that, more penalties could be awarded. Some shots in the area went unpunished, such as Doherty on Trossard and Maguire on Atpilicueta. Penalties for away teams have increased. A few seasons ago, away teams won an average of 0.08 penalties per game. This year 0.29. Maybe the referees are no longer so reluctant to show the white ball now that they do not have thousands to shout at them. I was never bothered by this – one day in 2014 I scored 3 penalties against Manchester United at Old Trafford – but it could be a factor. Maybe the players are not so “on the cheetah” without the fans in the stands. I also wonder if mental fatigue plays a role. The players have not had such a long absence again and it is easy to make mistakes when they ask you to do so much. And the referees do their exercises. They would be fools if they did not. They will investigate players and any problems in previous games. They will score tactics in tactics involving corner kicks. This is not done so that they can judge before something happens. It is done so that they arbitrate to the maximum of their potential. They can even let coaches and leaders know before the game what they do not want to see during the game. Penalties increase, but the truth is that most have been given correctly. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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