Cinema: Scenes in lesbian movies reproduce stereotypes

There is a large typical set of stereotypes regarding lesbian portrayal in cinema. Plaid Fabric, Snapbacks, Blundstones. But looking at the way Hollywood portrays sapphire women, it might even insert panties and corsets. , who portrays Kate Winslet as a paleontologist and Saoirse Ronan as a young woman waking Winslet from her hard shell, will be the latest addition to this obsession. Set in 1840. Ammonite follows in the footsteps of 2019’s “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”, 2018’s The Favorite and Lizzie, and Carol 2015, as another ladies’ movie that ladies like, but, and not just the big screen – the BBC and HBO – have given Gentleman Jack, Tipping the Velvet, Bessie, Daphne, Fingersmith and many other sapphire titles in recent years. With a few exceptions , these movies have a lot in common – sexual repression reflected in corsets in the waist and bulky skirts, a kind of passionate, desperate sex scene. The movies are not bad, on the contrary, they are among the best on offer. They are praised more by straight, mainstream audiences and by those who will receive funding, resources and awards. And this may not be accidental. How is the “deletion” in the lesbian experience? Experts and some critics of these films try to soften the portrayal of the lesbian relationship, so that no one says the word “lesbian”. Or even “sapphic”. Can the word “lesbian”, like the identity of the individual, be a threat in our time? Lesbian attraction is a complete departure from the expectation that a woman’s life will revolve around men The exception may be the film Carol. Cate Blanchett, in the film, speaks clearly about who she is and what she wants. But this is the exception, not the rule. In Portrait of a Lady on Fire, the ghost of Héloïse’s future husband contributes to everyone’s tragedy. Often these kinds of weird stories end in tragedy. Defining these fictions in the past, the story is so often linked to how the conventions of the time leave no room for queer love. The then and the present Based on the scripts of these films women should not be out and proud. They are more secret dating by candlelight and identifying the eyes and eyes oriented to one or two breasts. Thus, these women could not follow their desires without contempt. It is a kind of porn tragedy that leaves us feeling very good for how far modern society has come. It inspires a bit of mental masturbation for the non-LGBTQ viewer. It’s a great way to forget that LGBTQ bias, especially among queer women, has not gone away. They can get married, but there are still Carols in this world, even in Western societies, but also in many others where LGBTQ can mean from abuse, violence, imprisonment to death. Looking Back to Overcoming Oppression of the past is much more delicious than remembering what remains to be done.Source:

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